Easter Vignettes


Well, it snowed again here over the weekend (seriously?!), but we are getting our Easter on inside:) Here's a couple of shots of seasonal decor from around the house:

The Egg Mantel

I didn't really mean to just rock all Easter eggs on the mantel, but that's what happened, so let's go with it! Felt Easter egg garland from Target a few years back.

Hand-painted eggs by Paul on the left and Maura on the right at our local Paint Your Own Pottery place. Mine broke last year:( ***cough cough Maura dropped it after I repeatedly asked her to be careful***

Maura and I dyed some eggs with one of those Paas kits and although they didn't come out exactly as they were supposed to, they are really pretty, pastel, and speckly. I balanced them very carefully in moss on top of these little wood stumps that I stole from a friend who cut them down in her backyard (love them, and so versatile too, used them for our Christmas party this year).

The Blue Dresser

Do you guys remember this beautiful blue dresser that I bought last year from Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies? It makes me smile every day when I walk by it! Bird print from a calendar, bunnies from Target and Home Goods a few years back, "vintage" alarm clock from Pottery Barn, wooden candlesticks purchased at a yard sale that I then painted green.

The Easter Tree

We had a skinny and tall, fake Christmas tree in a corner of our kitchen over the holiday season. It was so nice to have those twinkling lights around that we were reluctant to give it up as winter ended. Maura said one morning "What if we make it an Easter tree?" and so we did:) I cut egg shapes out of colored card stock and we decorated them with glitter and foam stickers (all supplies we already had). Such a fun craft to do together while Ian was napping and a super cute result!

{Maura's "Elsa" egg}

Hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful Easter weekend!


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