Real Rooms: Casual Elegance


Hey there! Thanks for all your anniversary well wishes yesterday, you guys are the best:)

Let's take another look at a Real Room, shall we? I'm bending the rules slightly for this one since it has a professional designer's touch, but I'm in charge here so I can do whatever I want! Hee,, who really cares as long as we can look at some pretty pictures, right?!

This is my Mom and Dad's Living/Family room at home in Pennsylvania. It is the main hang out area (besides the kitchen of course), so its comfy and casual but since they are empty-nesters, it can at the same time be a bit more formal and elegant. Mom had help from local interior designer and friend Tom Gass of Gass Design.

I love the result.
There's such a great combination of color, styles and materials in this space. I mean, its got a green accent wall and red leather wing back chairs! And check out that chandelier (lighting is so important)!! There's black and brown, metal and wood, gold and silver, Americana and Asian (a beautiful black sideboard hand-painted with gold pastoral scenes holds the TV and its components)...all flowing seamlessly together to create a really dramatic, yet completely approachable, real room.

So, maybe soon I can start featuring some rooms of people who aren't related to me!? Anyone interested?


  1. Wow -- what a gorgeous room! So lovely! ANd happy anniversary a little late! Your wedding pics are beautiful -- you make such a cute couple!


  2. Wow, that's a beautiful room!!

  3. I just TODAY found out you had a blog :) I'm so happy I found it! I really need to get back on the D&R board, work is too busy but someday!

    I'm currently working on tweaking my bedroom a bit for another possible blog feature. However you can definitely feature it in your "real room" series if you like! Shoot me an email.

    Also, I love your blog and I love this room!

  4. WOW! What a gorgeous room! It looks like it's straight out of a design magazine! I love it. :)

    TGIF! Enjoy the weekend!


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