Show Us Your Life: My Wedding Dress


Remember Show Us Where you Live Fridays over at Kelly's Korner? Well, we've run out of rooms to look at, but Kelly still wanted to get everybody together on Fridays for some eye-candy and ideas. So today's event is to Show Us Your Life: Your Wedding Dress:) Yay, how fun! Next week's event will be about your flowers and bridal party. PS. next week is also our 4th anniversary!! This time 4 years ago I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off!

I had scheduled one day for dress shopping while I was home at my parent's house in PA over Christmas vacation. Unfortunately, my mom came down with something really serious and wasn't able to go that day...I was bummed, but I did have my sister (the MOH) who has always been there for me and isn't afraid to share her opinions. I also didn't go into dress shopping with any preconceived notions of what I wanted....I just knew I didn't want anything too froofy! I ended up getting the 2nd dress I tried on. Everything after that just couldn't compare.

To tell you the truth, I don't even know the dress' style number or name (how terrible a bride am I?). I do know it was from Forever Bridal and that I loved it:) Simple and elegant, not over the top, comfortable for the hot summer weather, easy to dance in, strapless, with a long horizontal pleated sash (is there a technical term for this?). Here's a pic I found on Google. You could choose from a million colors for the sash, I went with a very light silver.
I didn't want a lot of contrast between the band and the white dress, and I had always pictured my girls wearing platinum dresses.

And here's some shots from our wedding day that tell the story of my dress. All the below images were taken by our amazing photographer, Erik Mysliwy of Perfect Wedding Photo.

{I love this triptych of images of my sister Laura carrying my dress from the room where we stayed the night before to the room where I would be getting dressed. Such a cool moment caught on film.}

{waiting to be worn}

{the girls helping me get into the thing}

{my sister-in-law Neeve tying my sash}

{messing around feeling pretty before we head to the church}

{Neeve doing up my bustle before we go into the reception}

{from the back so you can see what the bustle looked like. I spent A LOT of time on the dance floor!}

{spinning around on the golf course...just so you could see the color and how subtle the band is}

Thanks for continuing to host us, Kelly! I've met so many great bloggers through your Friday events.

Speaking of weddings, P and I are headed to upstate New York tonight (we're really into road trips lately) to attend the wedding of these guys tomorrow:

{This is Jason, one of my best friends from college, and his fiance Kim. You can just call him Monkey, I do!}

Can't wait to see these guys and celebrate their big day with them! They are a wonderful couple and we're so happy they found each other. Monkey and Kim asked me to design and make their invites as well, so I'm really grateful to have been a special part of this. (Thanks, guys...see you tomorrow!) And I'll talk to the rest of you next week, have a great weekend!!


  1. Beautiful dress and you looked gorgeous in it! :)

  2. Wow -- you were certainly a beautiful bride! Gorgeous dress!


  3. Gorgeous gown!! You were such a beautiful bride...and congrats on anniversary #4 coming up!!

  4. Oh, I forgot to mention how much I love the pics where your sister is carrying your dress!! I'm actually speechless :)

  5. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! Thank you for the nice comment today. No, Michael went to CB East.

    Your wedding gown is so lovely! And so are you. Thanks for sharing. I love the tiny pop of silver on your dress.


  6. You were such a beautiful bride!!! I don't think I have even seen your wedding pics!!! Happy Anniversary!



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