Show Us Your Life: Wedding Party, Flowers and Ceremony


Happy Friday!!! You know what that means! It's Show Us Your Life again over at Kelly's Korner. Everyone is sharing more about their wedding today, specifically their bridal party, flowers and ceremony. Sweet! (Hope you don't mind the overload of wedding posts here to read about my dress and here for our 4 year anniversary.)

P and I struggled at first with where we should get married. Since I'm from Pa, venues around my home town and the church where I grew up (and attended private elementary school) were obviously in the running. But we currently live in Ma (where all P's family, our current friends, and my Mom's side of the relatives are) so this would make planning easier and we'd have less guests that would need to travel from out-of-town. What tipped the scales for us was that Cape Cod is like a second home to me since I spent the summers there from high school on and am now down there every weekend at my parent's beach house. Since we wanted a summer wedding anyways, we thought this would be a perfect compromise - a great beach-vibe local, close to everyone up here and still personal for me! Yay!

For some reason I always wanted my bridesmaids to wear silver. This might not seem like a summer color, but by combining it with lots of white, sage green and soft blue, we had a light and fresh palette that reminds me a of the water, the sky and the gray wood shingles covering every Cape Cod home. I had 6 bridesmaids (including my sister, the MOH), P had 6 groomsmen (including his best man) and we had one adorable 2 1/2 year old flowergirl (P's niece). I wanted the girls to each wear a dress that they felt comforable in, so I told them to pick any dress in platinum satin from either Alfred Angelo or Impressions Bridal. So glad we did this, they each looked gorgeous! Check out these hotties:

{Linde - my best family friend, Neeve - Paul's sister, Ava - our niece, my sister Laura, me, Jen - my best friend growing up, Kia - my best junior and high school friend, Suzanne - the day I met her at my first job out of college I knew we would be friends for life. Thank you, girls, for being such great friends!}

I know nothing about flowers, so I just talked with my florist about what colors I wanted and she chose the actual blooms we would use based on the season, etc. I wanted the girls' flowers to be a mix of white, pale blue and soft green, so I know they included hydrangeas (these definitely shout Cape Cod), white roses and then some other stuff.

My bouquet was all white with some of those really cute pale green seed pod thingiemabobs. Tied around my flowers was my "something old", a pendant necklace my grandfather had given to my grandmother a very long time ago (they were married for 60 years). It reads (in french) "I love you more than yesterday, not as much as tomorrow."

P wore a white tie and vest with his tux, the groomsmen wore platinum ties and vests, and both our dads wore black. The tuxedos P picked out had a subtle pinstripe running through them, he has good taste:)
{DJ - 1 of P's 3 best friends, our Best Man Kevin - 2 of P's 3 best friends, Paul, Brian - P's brother-in-law, my brother Tom, Brett - 3 of P's 3 best friends, Glen - P's golf buddy. Thanks, guys, for always being there for us!}

And we can't leave out this sweet face! I love this girl to death!! She's now 6 years old, about to enter kindergarten, and has a younger sister and new baby brother. She wore the cutest little white dress with a silver sash to match me:)

We had a full Catholic mass for our ceremony at the most quaint little white church. Two huge white urns with loads of white roses and baby's breath flanked the entrance.

And now, a 4 photo play-by-play of our ceremony!

Thanks for letting me ramble on about our wedding. It was the best day of my life, I could talk about it for hours:) My guess is that next Friday is going to be all about the reception, so stay tuned! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

PS. I was at Michaels last night picking up some paper supplies and they already had Halloween stuff out!!! Please, just let me enjoy my summer, people! It finally got into the 80s here this week, do not take it from me prematurely.


  1. It looks like you had such a beautiful wedding! I really love that color combination, it's so soothing!
    And I agree...wayy too soon for halloween!

  2. Beautiful and love the colors together!!!
    And I've seen Christmas stuff out weeks ago at Hobby Lobby! It gets earlier each year

  3. What a fabulous wedding! I especially love the quaint little church! You were a beautiful bride!

  4. What a beautiful wedding -- the bridal party is so lovely! Such a beautiful bride and handsome groom! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Your wedding was stunning - I love the dresses all different but the same elegant color and your flowers were gorgeous - you crack me up! I'm just finally learning the names of some flowers. Pansies, Petunias, etc. lol

    You look so pretty and so happy! Thanks for sharing your special day!

    Ps. Is is summer?! I haven't had a chance to enjoy it yet. haha NO way I want to see Halloween yet!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. your pictures are GORGEOUS from your wedding! and i, too, didn't know much about flowers & just told the lady what colors i wanted (and she did a fabulous job!)

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And thanks for letting me ramble on and on.

    I'm going to definitely enjoy summer here this weekend...first one we will be "home" in a month, so I'm going to the beach! Hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Hi Sarah! I am totally in love with that pendant necklace you had around your bouquet...oh what a unique and special touch! Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous bride! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Such a beautiful wedding, so many pretty stylish details, Thanks for sharing x


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