Update: My Blue Mason Jar


Hey there! While decorating for the holidays I finally found a spot for my lucky #13 blue Ball mason jar I got this September at the Brimfield Fair. Figured I'd show you guys where he ended up.

When we first bought and put together our huge entertainment center from JC Penney, I just kinda threw anything in there to fill it up. The bookshelf to the right of the tv ended up looking like this. Kinda blah.

{the before}

Here's the much better after:

{the after}

When I took down the fall mantel to put up the holiday mantel, I was left not knowing what to do with this great photograph I purchased this summer on our trip to Prince Edward Island. I decided it would look good over here on the entertainment center in place of the lantern I had there. But it needed to be a bit taller....insert books in the right color and it was looking much better. Then I remembered my blue jar and how I didn't know where to put it. Bingo! Now this side of the EC has a more coordinated color scheme that really plays off the pale green walls in here:)


  1. I like how much more personal the second vignette is. You can tell it's been chosen with care and I like that some of the items are a bit aged.

  2. Very pretty. Love how the blues and greens and yellows bounce around from shelf to shelf.

  3. What a lovely and unique jar! It looks perfect with the other accesories.
    What did you think of Prince Edward Island? I've been wanting to go there...it looks so beautiful. ~Lisa


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