To Do List: Downstairs


I was going to make a list of house projects that I wanted to tackle in 2010, and then I realized that I never finished half the projects on my '09 list. Oops. So, maybe I'll just write down here all the realistic things that I would love eventually to do to our house (that I can think of right at this moment), regardless of the year they get done in. I mean, I haven't even finished painting the trim in our office that I started in September (I have 2 walls done)! And to keep things organized, this first post will just hit the downstairs. No need to get too ambitious:)

  • new rug (I actually got this for Christmas! Yay, from my brother. Pics to come soon!)
  • new lighting
  • paint inside of front door black
  • eventually new paint color on walls
  • find wall art or something for either side of front door
  • find awesome table or something to replace bookcase (maybe Gram's bow front dresser if she'll let me have it eventually!)


  • get new pillows for corner chairs (I don't want as much red in here anymore)

  • paint black cabinet (it was free a long time ago, why not) some fun color
  • add more stuff to wall above black cabinet

{this little spot doesn't exactly look like this gigantic pear died, as did whatever herb that was...doh!}

Living Room:
  • lose nasty carpet, replace with hardwoods (remember the great floor debate?!)
  • find area rug
  • create gallery wall (with alot of the random stuff in our basement) on the wall you don't see here, the one to the left of the fireplace wall

Family Room:

  • lose nasty carpet, replace with hardwoods (see earlier great floor debate!)
  • find area rug
  • figure out window treatments (maybe plantation shutters?)
  • line back of entertainment cubbies with some sort of patterned wallpaper/paper

Dining Room: (eek, what's not to do in here?!)

  • get wood floor in line with the rest of downstairs (or maybe be crazy and paint the floor with a pattern)
  • find area rug
  • figure out window treatments
  • find hutch or sideboard on Craigs List, etc and paint
  • maybe paint ceiling a cool color? I'm totally stressed! Just kidding, this stuff takes time. And I change my mind/style so much that its fun for it all to be an ongoing project. I'm sure there's a ton of things that slipped my mind, but for now...a good start. (Good thing P doesn't read the blog that often or he would be having a cow right now!)

Feel free to jump in if you agree or disagree or whatever (have suggestions) with any of the above bullets. Did you guys make goals/lists/resolutions for 2010?


  1. I'm always so impressed with your bookshelf styling. My only design goals for 2010 are to update Cam's nursery into a big boy room!!

  2. Great plans!
    And I'm glad to not be the only herb killer around these parts. They just don't stand a chance on my watch. lol

  3. Hi Sarah! I'm a little behind in my blog visiting, but wanted to say Happy New Year. Hope you're having a great year so far. Looks like you've got quite the list here. If you're like me I always think posting my projects will pressure me into getting them done, but it doesn't really seem to make a difference. They get done when they get done. :-) I'm looking forward to seeing the projects you are able to get to though! You always do such a great job with your decorating.

  4. ooooh yes to painted floors in the dining room!

  5. I love the light you have above your table in the dining room, I've been searching all over for one like it! Did you have to purchase it directly from PB, or do you have a secret source to share...? :)

  6. Thanks, guys!

    Kristin - thanks! Yes, this is the one directly from PB, but Overstock has a total knock-off now for only $45!!!! Its called "Parchment Shade Antique Copper Ceiling Mount Chandelier", item #11879152. Hope that helps!

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