The Next Mood Board Monday: Wisteria Chests


Hey! Now that 2010 has officially begun and its back to the real world (all the holiday fun/craziness is over), let's do another Mood Board Monday to kick off the new year!

How does Monday, January 18th sound to you guys? That gives you 2 weeks to get inspired, spend imaginary money and prepare your room design:)

This time the party is all about gorgeous, multi-functional chests from Wisteria. When I was thinking of what to use as inspiration items, I remembered this beautiful Moorish piece with inlaid camel bone that I posted about way back in August. Bingo! Then I set out to find another but different and equally amazing piece to inspire you. That wasn't hard! So, here they are, your inspiration items....choose one...(or if you are feeling super inspired...use both) and design a room around it:

1. Moorish Chest $2,999.00
{"Sixteenth-century Mughal princes brought exotic Moorish designs all the way from North Africa to the Indian subcontinent. This stunning chest is adorned with intricately hand-cut, inlaid camel bone. Each of these exclusive pieces is slightly different and the result of many hours of craftsmanship. Designs will vary slightly."}

2. German Silver Bowfront Chest $2,499.00

{"This chest’s heritage goes back to the 17th-century Dutch bowfront commode. But the German silver gives it a truly amazing touch. The German silver is hand-applied, so each chest features nailheads, slight rippling, and decidedly scratched details."}

Beautiful, no?! And very worldly!! These two chests could be used sideboards, dressers, end tables, entryway focal points. Another thing I love about these is that they don't have much obvious color in them...which means the sky's the limit as to what you could pair them with. I can't wait to see the different direction everyone heads in!!

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of the Mood Board Monday McLinky party, here's the general idea (we would love to see some new faces):

1. This is not a mood board competition for designers (although designers are more than welcome to participate). This is a fun way to share all of the creativity out there and showcase how we can all start from one inspiration point and end up with a variety of ideas.
2. To be a participant, you need to create a complete mood board for a room of your choice using at least one of the two inspiration pieces shown here.
3. On Mood Board Monday party day (Monday, January 18th in this case), come back here to link up to the party. You will need to include your sources in your post and give a brief description of the room and how you used the inspiration item.

Check out our past Mood Board Monday parties here: MBM01, MBM02, MBM03.

Please spread the word...the more bloggers, the more creativity and beautiful rooms!! See you back here in a couple of weeks, I'm looking forward to all the different kinds of spaces that can spring from just one starting point:)


  1. Oooh now I'm excited. Both those chests are gorgeous (Wisteria really does have some amazing pieces), but I think I'm gonna have to go with the German silver. See you on the 18th! ;)

  2. Wow. Lots of potential here! And they're both just the slightest bit outside my comfort zone so this should be fun.

  3. I love them both-what a hard choice to pick just one. I think I'll join the party.

  4. Thanks for the link to this! I am in!

  5. I would love to have both these pieces in my home.

  6. I love this idea and I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with!


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