To Do List: Upstairs


Ok, time to write down some more projects for the house in hopes that recording them will actually prompt me to get something done in 2010:) Click here to check out the to do list for the downstairs. And just remember, there's no way I'm going to get all this stuff done in one year, I have actually met myself. But at least it'll all be in one place and hopefully be a good reminder/reference for me. No doubt half this stuff will change or get nixed as I continue to change my mind about what the heck my style is:)

Master Bedroom:
  • find lamps for either side of bed
  • window treatments
  • more wall art
  • new throw pillows for bed (I'd love something with a bold geometric pattern, I'm going to try to bring more pattern, and whimsy, into the whole house in general).

Office (this is slightly embarassing...I am actually copying and pasting these bullet items from a post I did in August, and I have not gotten any of these things done since then!):
  • finish painting trim!
  • figure out a work space (we have a round table and 4 chairs in our basement that I'm considering painting white, it would go against the wall with the calendars)
  • organize closet with filing cabinets and shipping supplies
  • hang cork boards
  • hang some wall art
  • organize desk
  • paint bookcase white?, organize bookcase
  • cover some boxes I already have with patterned paper for storage


Guest Bedroom:
  • window treatments
  • figure out what to do with this wall

Guest/Kids Bathroom (this is the bathroom I use):

  • completely redo!!! (this will not get done for awhile)


Geez, our home is not looking good if you go by just these photos!!! Wish me luck! Hope everyone has a great weekend:)


  1. I am in the same process of doing to do lists for the house this weekend. I made lists several months ago and probably have not accomplished a lot. I am hoping 2010 is the year to accomplish quite a bit! I love your paint colors. We have MUCH painting to do this year.

  2. Love the photo grid over the bed. Some of those pretty colors in pillows or a throw would look great on the bed.
    Your lists make me anxious. Because I know my own lists are at least as long... but I'm not brave enough to write them down!

  3. I have a to do list on my sidebar, but I don't have everything listed.... I'm too skeered LOL

    I can't wait to see everything as you tackle the lists :)


  4. I have a very similar (and long overdue) to-do list for our office. Hopefully we both have better luck with tackling our offices this year! :)


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