Thank You and Happy Easter!!


Happy April!! (Amazing how the time is flying by, huh?!) I can't tell you how meaningful all your wonderful comments on our big announcement were (Paul has been having a fun time reading them too)! Thank you so much for all your well wishes and helpful advice. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to everyone individually yet, I'm working on it:) The support and generosity and kinship here in blogland is so heartwarming!

If you're celebrating, I hope you have a happy, joyous and fun-filled Easter weekend! I'm heading down to our Cape house tonight to meet up with my Mom, Dad, sister and our family dog for the excited! And of course, we will head back off Cape on Sunday to Paul's sister's house so we can spend the afternoon with his parents and our nieces and nephew (all their Easter Basket stuff is bought, I just have to put them together).

If not, have a great weekend, hopefully with good weather!

{above from Martha's Best Easter Baskets}


  1. Omigosh what totally exciting news!!! I just had to go back and see what the good news was, and it doesn't get any better than that! I hope that you can relax enough to enjoy your fun-filled weekend with your families. Enjoy the ride (pregnancy I mean). It's a fun one!
    p.s. September - what a wonderful time of year to have a baby!

  2. Oh, congratulations. This is truly one of the most exciting moments of life! So sweet and filled with hopes and dreams, and I personally loved being amazing experience. Enjoy each and every moment of it! Janell

  3. Congratulations! I'm so happy for ya'll! I can't wait to see nursery design pics. I know you'll make it so clever and adorable.

    - Emily

  4. Hi Sarah! I commented the other day but just wanted to say again how thrilled I am for you. What an exciting time in your lives! I am glad you'll be able to celebrate with family and friends this weekend. Have a glorious Easter weekend! XOXO

  5. Happy Happy Easter to all three of you, Paul, You and little one!! too,Kathysue

  6. Sarah - Many congratulations!!!!! I was THRILLED to read your big news! Best wishes to you and your husband as you embark on the greatest adventure of your life... parenthood! :) It's by far the coolest thing I've ever done, that's for sure! I will greatly anticipate blog updates on the nursery...yay!

  7. Have a wonderful holiday Sarah!!

  8. Just found your blog and it's gorgeous. Congrats!


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