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Hi! Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend:)

Thought I'd share a little bit about 2 possible floor plans for BG's nursery in hopes of getting your feedback. (For before pics of the nursery and to see a little bit more of how the room is laid out, click here.)

I'm only worrying about the 3 major pieces of furniture that will be in here for now: the crib, dresser (with changing pad on top) and glider (not sure if I'm going for the ottoman or not). I drew up these 2 possible layouts, not to scale (I was being lazy...but I do have the real life dimensions of everything and know they will fit).

Plan A was my first thought. Put the crib against the big open wall on the right when you walk in. Thus we could see BG from the hallway/a step or two into the room to easily check on her. The dresser could then go on the back wall and the glider in the back left corner, near the windows.

Problems with this layout: the crib is deeper than the little wall of the closet that juts out, so it blocks a bit of the pathway into the room. Not sure if I want to walk into the room and be confronted with the corner of the crib. Also, the right wall (that the crib is on in this layout) is the wall that opens up to our 2 story foyer on the other the stairs to the upstairs are basically on the other side of this wall. Does that mean if people are downstairs making noise that she would be able to hear it more?

In Floor Plan B, I basically swapped the crib and dresser. So now the dresser is on the open wall to the right and the crib is tucked away on the back wall.

This way we would have to walk several steps into the room and peak around the corner to the left to see BG. But, the wall that the crib is on here backs up to our bedroom, so maybe that's better?

To be honest, I'm probably just going to get everything in there and then try both of these and see which we like better (or another layout if it makes sense). But I'd like to get your opinion. Which do you think works better? Is it important to be able to see the baby from the doorway? Anything else I should be considering?


  1. What a great room space! At first I really liked the plan with the dresser on the long wall. In my head I thought it might be nicer to be in the glider and closer to the crib for when your sweet baby falls asleep. But then you mentioned about seeing the baby from the door - and I thought that might be a good idea. I think I'd want to be able to peek in and see my baby for safety reasons.

    My hubby and I found out that we are expecting about a month ago (I'm 12 weeks now) and am excited to go back and read some of your past baby posts. I've been sort of lax in reading blogs since finding out we are expecting! Hope you are feeling wonderful!

  2. Plan B! They both look great, but immediately, the flow of B seems so much smoother, and the crib could still be easily checked on, but yo also get the bonus of it being more 'tucked' into the room, as well as maybe more assurance of a quiet space (ie no stair wall). I also think that having the dresser near the door way will look nice because you would be able to see hanging pictures, etc., from there as you walk by or enter. I think it will look great!! Also, having the glider by the window is perfect...And don't forget layering your lighting and baskets, baskets, baskets!
    Jenny :)

  3. I like them both, but I do think it would be nice to be able to peak in the room and see how the baby is. Especially when you are tryhing to check on her but not wake her up, its really nice just to be able to crack the door.

  4. I like floor plan b. Having the crib within eye shot is good for you *but* it also means it will be that way for the baby too. If he/she sees you it may be a problem getting back to sleep versus being able to open the door and listen and then check if you don't hear anything...does that make sense? lol..hope so. Congrats and I can't wait to see what you choose. :)

  5. Goodness, it will look beautiful! Just something from another mom...I spent a lot of time in our nursery rocker (day/night bottles, just rocking, etc.) and made sure that I had a great window view! (And now my children have stories of the times I saw daily fox, hawks and other animals...and watched a screech owl make it's winter home in a nearby tree!)

  6. I like Plan B - you can sneak in and peek around the corner and your baby won't see you while if the crib is straight ahead there is no sneaking in. I also like how everything seems to fit perfectly with the crib being the length of that wall and the depth of the dresser matching the closet depth. Looking forward to seeing how it works out.

  7. I vote for Plan B - we have our crib against the longest wall in the room & we'd have to peek in to see the baby, but I'm pretty sure we will get the video baby monitor as well.

  8. I vote plan's easier to peek in and check up on them without going all the way in as to not wake them! So excited to see how it all comes together!

    I gave you an award on my blog. You can go by and pick it up, just go ahead and save the award pic to your computer and then follow my lead!


  9. Thanks so much, guys!!! All great points! P's sister pointed out that if we can see BG, she can probably see us and maybe that's not always a good thing;) For what its worth, my mom weighed in on the phone tonight...she likes B! Guess we'll have to see how it looks with all the furniture in and set up. First we gotta paint though!

    Mandi - congratulations to your and your husband! That is exciting news, I had no idea. Can't wait to chat more:)

    Megan - wow, thanks for the award!!

  10. I like B. You can still walk into the room and peek around the corner. With A, she will be watching for you to appear at the door. :)

  11. I like only comment is that I like having the changing table right near the crib in our nursery....somehow the flow seemed better in the early days where there were spit ups and the occasional blow out...less distance to travel. Highly recommend the ottoman...we have a gliding one (from The Best Chair Company Storytime Series) and I swear I want one in every room of the house. I am sure it will be lovely regardless.

  12. Sarah, first of all so exciting that you are planning a nursery - what could be better?? Secondly, I have three kids and found that having the crib not in view of the door is very handy for sneaking in when the babe gets to be about 6 months and can stand up. Once they see you - forget it, they're up. I could open the nursery door and listen without being seen and often the munchkins would just return to sleep without Mama's intervention. What an exciting journey you're on! Best wishes.

  13. My vote? Use plan B when she's an infant. She won't be able to see you in the doorway because she'll be facing up or to the side. If you get too close to them to check on them, they can smell you in the room. It sounds funny, but it's true! :)

    You can always move over to Plan A once she's old enough to sit up, etc.... Either way, it's going to be fine! =)


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