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Hi! I'm so glad you guys are as psyched as we are about our new floors! Thanks so much. Staining starts today, so we have to leave the house for the week...and can't come back and step on the floors until Friday night (can't wait to see what they are going to look like!).

Not sure how great internet access will be where we are going, so I'll leave you with these inspiration pics that represent the color palette we're going with in BG's nursery. (Check out her bedding here, some finds I got for her at an antique/flea market here, and the boring before pics of the room here). We've already started painting the walls a lovely shade of robin's egg blue (Benjamin Moore's Heave on Earth), the crib and dresser (still got to put that together) are white and I'd like to bring in a warm watermellony pink, as well as some sage/chartreuse green, as accent colors. The whole room is going to be a bit brighter and cheerier than I usually do, since its a kid's room and I want it to be fun.

{via the Design Files over at Rare and Beautiful Treasures}

{by Massucco Warner Miller via House of Turquoise}

{by James Michael Howard from House Beautiful's June 2010 issue}

{from the lovely Torie Jayne}

I'm also going to try one of those posts you write beforehand and schedule it to post later in the week. It'll be a Mood Board Monday reminder...the McLinky party is next Monday the 28th. Hope to see you back here for it:) Have a great few days!


  1. Sara,
    I was looking at the same bedding if this little one turns out to be a girl...I'm still thinking boy though :) We'll find out July 30th. I really like your idea of painting the walls a light blue color. When I saw the bedding, I immediately thought pink but blue is going to look spectacular. Hope your feeling good.
    Take care,

  2. I love that shade for little girls! I can't wait to hear how the floors turn out. We need to refinish ours so badly, but it is one of those projects you do before you move in, not after! Our whole house is hardwood so I'm not sure where we could put the furniture.

  3. Hey, Allison! I totally owe you an email! It's actually half-written, I started like 2 months ago and never finished...I'm so sorry!!!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys! Are you out of the first trimester yet? How have you been feeling? July 30th? That'll be here before you know it...we thought boy the whole time and then she ended up being a girl. Glad you like the bedding (and the blue walls). I swear I'll get that email off to you before the baby pops out;)

    vanessa - thanks! I know, the floors are a bit of pain...moving all the downstairs furniture out, living only upstairs the last few days, having to leave for a week, moving all the stuff back in...but I know its going to be so worth it!!! Your whole house is hardwood...that's awesome! Our big furniture is actually in the garage:)

  4. Sara, I love ,love where you are going with little BG's nursery the colors are so fresh and cheerful. It will be a room you and she will enjoy!! How fun, it is nice to be able to go along for the decorating ride!! Love it, Kathysue

  5. LOVE that color scheme! It's going to be so so cute.

    (And that first pic of the turquoise trough sink is just adorable!)

  6. Looks like it's shaping up to be a another beautiful room in your house! I love that Jim Howard room you shared.. definitely went in my book of faves when I first saw it! :)

  7. I really think we are the same person, I am doing a very similar color pallet for our little girl's nursery. Stop by & check out what I've done so far.

  8. Waiting for a new baby is just the most fun time of your life. BG is one lucky little girl with a beautiful nursery like the one you have prepared. You're going to love your new floors, too!

  9. I love the colors you chose (and the Sophie bedding, I tried to get that on ebay for my older daughter when they made it in bed sizes to no avail) and those photos are lovely. I am awaiting my son's birth and getting the room ready is my favorite part!

  10. Very pretty! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  11. I really like your idea of painting the walls a light blue color. When I saw the bedding, I immediately thought pink but blue is going to look spectacular. Hope your feeling good.
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