Back from Brimfield


Hi! So, I'm back from Brimfield! We had a great day...although I didn't do as good of a job taking photos for you guys as I meant to. Sorry! I was too busy shopping and eating fair food and chatting (this was my first year going with other people). But, here's a few pics just to give you a feel of the awesome stuff you can find at this show:

{this tent was crazy...are those pendant lights made out of the cone noses from rocketships?}

{they're always a ton of really cool old lights and lanterns, but I'm too scared to actually buy one}

{we saw a ton of those furniture factory carts, but instead of a coffee table, they turned this one into a bench/daybed, complete with burlap/grain sack cushions!}

Once I get my act together, I'll post pics of the stuff I bought. Hope you guys had a great weekend:)


  1. What fun!!! Love the cart turned into a bench and can't wait to see what you scored. Someday I would love to go to Brimfield, my uncle used to be an antiques dealer and that was one of his favorite shows!

  2. Brimfield time already?! I need to totally go this year!!!! I'll start saving my pennies! How are the prices?

  3. I know, crept up fast! You should totally go in either July or Sept. I was wondering if I should go again this year, but I did spend about $100 (and it was my first full day away from Maura) so we'll see. As far as prepared to spend about $10 - $20 on lunch/snacks/food and $5 on parking. After that, I can't comment on large pieces like furniture..I always stay away from those because I don't know enough to judge whether its a good buy or not (asking price for the above furniture factory cart bench thing was $795). So mostly I just go for small accessories. Everyone (ok, except one grouchy guy who wouldn't accept $5 for an $8 iron finial-top-of-a-gate little thing) is willing to bargain, and you can usually get them to come down at least a few bucks (my #13 blue mason jar is rare, so it started out at $20 and I got it for $17). I got some stuff at the dollar table and the prints I bought were 75% off, otherwise I wouldn't have got them. Hope that helps a little. Its definitely worth the experience either way:)

  4. thanks! yes that helps..I love finding little nick knacks but only a few dollars here and there not like $40 for a jar. Oh I'll be just drooling over the furniture wishing I could ake some home!!

  5. I have never been but am dying to go! i'm hoping to go in July. Can't wait to see your finds!


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