Winter Vignettes: Family Room Ledge Shelves


Thanks for your super nice comments on the foyer bookcase for winter! This winter vignette (the ledge shelves in the family room above our coach) is a lot more colorful and seasonally specific. Hope you like:)

I started out this little grouping with something extremely nostalgic. My good friend Jen (she lived 2 houses up from me growing up and is now a super successful architect and furniture designer in NYC) and I did this paint-by-number together when we were probably about 12 (yes, like we were both simultaneously filling in different colors). We were always coming up with some crazy craft project to work on...all while we sported side ponytails and more than one pair of colorful slouch socks at a time. I've held on to the "painting" and have wanted to put it up somewhere for awhile. There's no specific Christmas references anywhere in it, so I think its just a nice late fall/winter scene and seemed perfect for here.

Next I swapped out the holly botanical print that was in this large frame (it used to be black but I painted it white awhile back) from our Christmas decor with the December page from my 2011 Paper Source wall art calendar (I just got the 2012 one for Christmas and there are a ton of great prints to use later). Love the bold, graphic nature of this snowy forest scene, especially that little red bird.

To balance things out on the right, I thought I needed some more warm tones, so I grabbed a couple of old books with red/orange/brown covers. One of my lucky #13 Ball mason jars (from Brimfield, I now own three) and 2 little apothecary jars in that beautiful aqua color (that I got at a flea market in the parking lot of our supermarket!!!) were just the right size and color to finish things off.

Stay tuned next week for our winter mantel. I'm really excited about this one, its definitely different than what I usually do. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the BFF painting. I too have a best friend from childhood and have great memories of hours spent crafting and card playing together. It's so nice that you have that visual reminder of the memory front and center. The calendar art is beautiful and such a nice pop of color. You've created a really lovely vignette!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I looovvve that painting! So pretty and appealing!

  3. What a blast, doing a paint by number with a friend, I loved doing those when I was a kid! Great job giving it an up to date look in this vignette.

  4. I love how sentimental your items are - that is so special. And you've got the knack for vignettes girl! Brimfield field trip sometime? I'd love to get up there at some point. Have a great weekend Sarah! Can't wait to see what you've done to your mantel!

  5. I love the paint by number piece- and what a neat story. Now I want to run out and buy a paint by number project! :)

  6. I love how the colors work on this ledge..beautiful work on the paint by numbers..I have always wanted to try one. It is wonderful to see meaningul pieces on display where they can be enjoyed.

  7. The colors of the painting are just what you need on a cloudy winter day! I also love the vintage bottles, with their bluish tint - perfect for the season!


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