Our Home Goals 2012


...are mostly the same as Our Home Goals from 2011 because apparently I didn't get that much done in the last year!!!! Aaannnnd, looks like the Home Goals from 2011 was pretty much a copy and paste of the Home Goals from 2010 (here and here). Awesome. Sensing a trend here. What in the world have I been doing for the last 2 years?!

The Nester is hosting her Home Goals Linky Party again on Wednesday (the 11th), so I'll be linking up when it goes live. Anybody else?

Here are some GENERAL, OVERALL GOALS for our home for 2012 and the future:
  • work on finding a balance between a home that looks good and a home that is kid-friendly
  • add more pattern/print
  • add more whimsy
  • declutter and organize
  • figure out my style and then incorporate more of whatever it is
Here are some more SPECIFIC, CONCRETE TASKS categorized by room:

  • find new lighting (some sort of large lantern) and have installed (originally blogged about here)
  • hire Sean to paint walls
  • add higher baseboard trim or repaint existing (all the baseboard trim in the downstairs still has stain on it from when we redid the wood floors, considering upgrading - first blogged about here and haven't started yet)

  • paint small black cabinet some fun color
  • redo wall above said black cabinet
  • hang up gallery wall (oops, originally blogged about here, never got around to it!)
  • add higher baseboard trim or repaint existing

  • figure out window treatments (I'm not happy with the ones we have now)
  • create and hang photo gallery wall of family pics
  • add higher baseboard trim or repaint existing
{so, these panels have been moved to the dining room, but I still don't like the solid fabric roller shades I put up - too much gold}

  • get dry sink from Cape house and refinish/paint, use for storage
  • find area rug
  • figure out window treatments
  • line back of entertainment center with some sort of patterned wallpaper/paper (oops, originally blogged about here)
  • figure out where to hang oar and paddle collection (oops, originally blogged about here)

  • buy and install bamboo shades (you guessed it, originally blogged about it a long time ago and then never did it!)
  • find hutch or sideboard on Craigs List, etc. and paint
  • maybe paint ceiling a cool color?
  • continue search for patterned, upholstered parsons chairs for ends of table
  • add higher baseboard trim or repaint existing

{excuse the in progress jig saw puzzle...I should probably add that to the list for 2012, we started in February of '11 and aren't done yet!!!}

  • finish painting trim!!! (OMG!...I started painting this room in June of 2009 and have two walls left of white trim to repaint...shoot me)
  • clean out, declutter, organize
  • figure out functionality of this room and then proceed with decor (will it stay as office? will it become Maura's "big girl room"?, etc.)
{I plead the 5th!}

MASTER BEDROOM (this room needs major help since we haven't really done anything to it since we moved in):
  • decide if wall color is staying or not (high ceilings, pain in the butt to repaint)
  • window treatments
  • new lamps
  • new decorative throw pillows
  • new bedding?
  • new color palette (add navy?)

  • clean out, declutter, organize
  • figure out functionality
Gah! A lot to do. Did you guys make To Do lists for the year ahead? How do you balance taking time to actually work on projects around the house with all the hours spent writing and taking pics for posts, reading/commenting on other people's blogs, etc.?


  1. I completely feel your pain, and don't worry, I think mine would be much longer if I could bear to write it all down. Oh well, we'll get there one day and in the meantime, I guess we should be happy with the homes we have :)

  2. Looks good! We just installed a large lantern in our vaulted foyer too; we got this one from Overstock:


    It's identical to one from Pottery Barn at half the price. Just thought I would pass along a positive review in case you were still looking! :)

  3. I ask myself why am I always changing things in my house? But hey what else would I do with my spare time, eat bon bons?

  4. What a great list .... so ambitious! I need to do this. I'm a little stuck on where to begin for the year.

  5. If you could see my list for this year you would know that I'm in the same boat. But my one question for you is, is this your forever home? (or at least a 10 year home?) My struggle right now is that we're not in our forever home, meaning that we might put our house on the market this year. So I struggle with doing too much around our home since I don't want to spend a lot of $$$ and really put our money into whatever new home we may purchase. AND, you have a beautiful, healthy little girl who is such a little joy that you forget about all this stuff at the end of the day, right?? :) :) Well, you're not alone at all my friend, in fact I just try to do things in small doses and then get really happy with my progress. I'm going to look at these photos when I get home because some of them don't show up for me here at work. Oh, and I think I found your blog and had that A-HA she's got PA ties when you won those oars!!

  6. Oh wow, that's a lot! You are ambitious, girl.... :)

    But, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it!!!

  7. OMGosh, your list may be even longer than mine! I write a list at the start of each week though I'm usually lucky to get half of it ticked off!
    BTW I love the gold in your living room.

  8. Sarah, I love that you keep your home goals written down and share them with the rest of us. What a great list, but don't beat yourself up over what you did not do in years past, the purpose of a list like this is to keep you focused on the vision and you will get to it slowly but surely. Feel great about what you have done already and enjoy the process of completing the rest, I know it will be great!


  9. Lots of good goals! Good luck!

    I have two: spruce up our laundry room with some fresh paint and new washer and dryer AND give our master bedroom a little makeover. It's way too brown. I'm thinking I'd like to go gray and maybe bring in some of the green from our recently renovated master bathrooms. Now if I could just get started!

  10. I think I need to make a physical list..I have been seeing a lot of these House Goals posts. It is all in my head but perhaps posting it would be a great idea. I think the roller shades bring in a warm sunshine glow (but I guess you are not liking that).


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