To Chalk/Milk Paint or Not?


I have some pieces of furniture I've been wanting to paint for awhile and I'm wondering if I should jump on the chalk and/or milk paint band wagon or not?

Like this small black cabinet in our kitchen, that I said I was going to paint last summer! (Here was me testing out some colors):

 And my Gram's bow front dresser, now on the wall with my Brimfield map (thinking of going white/cream on the base and sanding/re-staining the top):

And these twin beds in the girls' bedroom at my parent's house (not sure what color they would get yet, it would probably be smart to wait until mom gets new bedding):

And a "dry sink" (kinda like these) that used to be in our house growing up (I remember we kept all our crayons and coloring paper in there) that I want to put in our family room for closed storage.

Besides the cool distressing effects, etc. that chalk and milk paint are known for, I'm also really interested in the time saving factor. We all know I'm not the fastest worker-bee on the block. Supposedly you don't have to prep your pieces at all when you use chalk/milk no sanding, priming, etc. Right? It would be awesome not to have to worry about all those first, boring, prep steps. I'm into immediate results:)

So, I'm guess I'm wondering if any of you have used chalk paint before? Did you like it? Is it worth the upfront investment (paint, special brushes, finishing wax)? Has anyone ordered online or do you always try to rind a local retailer? I'm tempted (by all her gorgeous furniture make-overs...see below) to wait for Marion/Miss Mustard Seed's new milk paint line that I think will be out sometime in August. Anyone else? Hmmm...what should I do?!

{one of Miss Mustard Seed's new milk paint colors - Luckett's Green}
{and another one of Marion's new milk paint colors coming soon...Mustard Seed Yellow}

PS. For once in my life, I'm trying to do some research before actually making a decision. Here's some posts I've found by others about using the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:

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  1. You must be reading my mind, and we must be one in the same that we have all intentions of painting a particular piece of furniture but just can't find the time - so in my mind using ASCP is not jumping on the band-wagon it's a true TIME SAVER which is huge. The problem for me is that it's really tough to find - I'd either need to drive to Quakertown or Kennett Square to get it. But Dana from Circa Dee offered to get me some down in Cape May, but she also is going to be stocking Miss Mustard Seed's paint too so I might try that. I need to paint that beast of a dresser in our master. I say go for it - maybe we'll have a contest who can paint their piece quicker :) When is the next MBM? Oh and I meant to e-mail you that Sheila loves Cars right now - makes me think of Maura every time she wants to watch it.


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