Dining Room Update: Fern Prints


Hi! Just a quick update to our dining room. Finally hung the two fern prints I bought at the Brimfield Antique Show back in May of this year ($4 each, pages from a 1938 publication).


I'm completely happy with them here where they are, as they are. However, before I hung them up I had pondered perhaps painting the mats a dark gray to add some contrast. Now I'm not sure if I need to or if its worth it, considering I like them fine enough as is. So I did a quick mock up, maybe you can help. Here they are again with the white mats:

And here is what they might look like with dark gray painted mats. Thoughts? Better? Worse? Stupid? Leave as is? Thanks!

PS. How is everyone fairing after Hurricane Sandy? Thankfully, things are fine here, it was just really windy and rainy. Hope you are all ok!!


  1. I say YES. Love the gray mats. The white look decent, but the Gray ones make it POP.

    Pretty window treatments too. ;)

  2. Since the prints and the frame are black I love the idea of a colored mat and the gray is nice, but what about pulling a color from the rug to really give it a zip?!!

  3. Gray gets my vote. Gives it depth/weight. What a steal at $4 ea!!

  4. Hi there! I love the addition of the gray mats, too. I just discovered your blog and I'm your newest follower. I can't wait to explore more of your posts. I'm also from MA (western part of the state).

    Have a great week!

  5. A darker color mat really makes those prints pop (especially w/ your drapes and wall color). I say do it - go darker. Yep, we're good down here - just lots of wind. There are a ton of people still without power which is so sad and makes me feel bad that we had it easy.

  6. Thank you so much, guys! Wow, wasn't prepared for the overwhelming response to go gray!!! Ok, maybe I'll have to try it:) Cathy, interesting about a color! Good thought, I wonder if I'm risky enough to do it!!


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