Fall Vignettes: Ledge Shelves


...otherwise entitled "How to Change your Seasonal Decor from Spring/Summer to Fall in 5 Minutes or Less":)

As much as I like fall, I love summer way more...so at this time of year I'm still in denial. But, the last few days, with the leaves finally changing color and the temperature dropping, even I have to admit that fall is here. 

This might look familiar. If you remember, our spring/summer ledge shelves looked like this:

Tee, hee. I'll admit, there's not a ton of free time around here to be messing with seasonal decor, but I enjoy it, so I'm not giving up yet. I did decide, however, to cheat in here a bit. Racking my brain to figure out what I could do here for fall, I realized the only springie things about this are the color of the books and the prints inside the frames. The rest...well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or if your toddler is about to wake up from her nap, just get 'er done good enough.

First up, switch out the cool tone books for warm tone ones. Check.

Second, open up the big frame and rearrange the prints inside so that the bird one (also used last year for fall) is in the front. Store the spring one behind it. Tip - I always keep the different prints that I put in each frame still in the frame even if I'm not using it at that time, then you always know where the ones that are the correct size for that frame are.

Three. Quickly find, download and print a fall related image from Vintage Printable. Load her up into the small yellow frame, again moving the spring image behind.

Four. Dust around your stuff if you are feeling ambitious.

Coming soon...our fall mantel and foyer bookcase (which I spent a little more time on!). Hope all is well in your neck of the autumn woods!


  1. You're so good at this stuff Sarah. Some people really struggle with it but you seem to have quite the eye and your schemes always look really nice. And hey, I love that PA Dutch book that you have - where'd you pick that up? I've been fiddling around with our one bookshelf - still not quite there but it's getting there. Love that you just swapped out the books to introduce fall colors. High five!

  2. Love it, Sarah. I'm always so impressed that you change your decor with the seasons.


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