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The DIY Show Off

Another weekend over:( How come they always go by so fast?! Well, I managed to get the last few things done that I wanted to round out my fall decor (and we hit up an Oktoberfest party, so I'm feeling the fall groove now). Just in time for another Fall Festival Monday over at the DIY Show Off. What did you guys do this weekend?

One of the other things I like to change up for the seasons (besides my mantel and foyer) are the black ledge shelves above the sofa in our family room. Here they were before for the spring and summer:

And now after the switch out to fall:

{hmm...sorry the wall color looks so different in each shot...one of the things I love about this paint color - Benjamin Moore Sweet Spring - is the way it changes with the light and with what else you put in the room. Plus, looks like I might have used the flash in that first pic...oops!}

It's not really screaming fall, just sort of whispering it. I kept my grey distressed wood star, but not much else. Mr. Bird came back. The dried hydrangeas from my parent's yard, a pumpkin I got at the nursery last week and of course, some books in the appropriate colors (I love the gold titles on the spines).

I did sort of DIY the leaf inside the white frame piece. We had the square white frame (with some sort of flower print inside) kicking around. To convert it over for fall, I just measured the inside of the frame, cut a square that size of it out of this pale green damask scrapbook paper I had and legitimately scotch-taped it over the glass:) Then I taped a pressed leaf from my backyard in the middle. Sweet!

I also like to change up my throw pillows. I stole these pale grey striped pillows from the living room where they were hanging out for the summer and brought them in here to the family room for fall. I liked how the brown stripe in them played off all the brown on the shelves.

See, here they were on the dark brown leather chairs in the living room. Well, once I moved these over to the charcoal couch in the family room, I needed new pillows in the living room.

I had just the thing...these hand-made floral beauties all the way from India!! One of my good friends is from Mumbai (though she lives here now) and she had her mom send these pillow covers over to me from a local market/artist there. I love them!! And I think they look perfect in here for fall.

So, I think that wraps up my seasonal decor for fall. Now I can just sit back and enjoy it. Pumpkin spice latte anyone?!

Thanks again for hosting another great party, Roeshel!!


  1. Liking it. A LOT. :-)
    PK @ Room Remix

  2. I like your style and that pillow is awesome! I'll take a latte, thanks! :)

  3. simple and elegant. wish my house looked like that!

  4. Everything looks so comfy & inviting! Very nice!

  5. Love the leaf and the background paper. I love all the colors and textures. It all looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yes please (the pumpkin spice latte). Your fall decor looks beautiful as always. You know I'm all about the details. You do such a lovely job at displaying your beautiful things. The pillow cover is gorgeous!

    Thanks for linking your inspiration to the Fall Festival. :)


  7. I love your fall decor!!!! And I really like that it is subtle.

  8. the fall decor looks fab!
    I think i love the ledge idea too. I just added them in our nursery and they are so cool.

  9. Very nice! I love that fall is just "whispering"..., and the dried hydrangeas are gorgeous. And very nice to meet you -thank so much for stopping by!


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