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TGIF!!! Remember the Show Us Where You Live and Show Us Your Life Friday series over at Kelly's Korner that was such a blast over the summer?! They're still going...sorry, Kelly, I totally slacked for a month or 2 there. Well, I just realized today is all about showing off what you make, celebrating all the hand-made and creative businesses that are out there. There's already almost 300 entries over at the party, so go check them out. Kelly wanted to give us all a central location to shop each other's stuff - there's ton of jewelry, baby accessories, custom artwork, bags, signs, you name it:)

So, I gotta get in on this action. (Sorry to all of you that have been following along and seen my work already, thanks for hanging in there.) To anyone who is new, I design custom hand-made wedding invitations and other paper goods. It's a side thing I've been working on for about 3 years now and I really love it (way better than my day job! Hmmm, I hope no one from work reads this blog.) I'm hoping to take this endeavor to the next level soon, so I don't have a website or etsy shop yet to point you to (yet). I'd also love to expand and do baby paper, custom holiday cards, etc. For now I'll just show you some pics of my past work.

{Julie and John...a custom watercolor pair of lemons}

{Jessica and Michael...summer fun in a rustic old barn}

{Natalie and Dave...a summer beach wedding in chocolate and sage}

{Erin and Josh...rustic and woodsy in moss and cocoa}

{Katie and Tim...shades of blue say coastal wedding}

{Sharon and illustrations set the tone}

{Mikki and patterns that still say formal}

It's so exciting to see other entrepeneurs/women out there making a go at owning their own businesses. To anyone who stops by from Kellys - congratulations and great work! I would also love to chat with any of you about this journey we're on - tips (on anything from marketing to keeping your finances sorted out, launching a website, etc), trade secrets, advice for me. To Kelly - thanks for being such a huge supporter of your peers and an inspiration to all of us. To all you other peeps - you rock, thanks for reading! Have a great weekend:)


  1. Your work is stunning! I love how you incorporate so much color, a nice change from simply whites and ivories.
    Beautiful...have a great weekend! Janell

  2. Beautiful work, Sarah. Like Janell already said, I love your use of color.
    I totally understand about having the "day job" while you're trying to break out into something more creative. It's tough but worth the extra effort!

  3. Sarah.....lovely work....lovely blog. amazing...and btw..thanks for saying hello :-)

    have a wonderful weekend! lyalh

  4. Lovely, lovely work. I hope your business goals succeed. You certainly have the talent. There is nothing in the world like owning your own biz and doing what you love all day long. It's not easy but it's worth it!! Good luck!

  5. You do such amazing work! You won't have any problems doing this for full-time employment when you're ready!

    I was just wondering about how your red-paint-on-the-trim fiasco is turning out...we just painted our bedroom and foyer and I couldn't help but think of you every time I carefully cut in along the edge- I know how painful it is when one does NOT carefully cut in!

  6. I love your invitations!

    - Emily


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