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The DIY Show Off

Hey! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm psyched to participate in the DIY Show Off Fall Festival this week:) Head on over to check out tons of fall related DIY projects.

I went today to our local nursery to get my pumpkins for the year. (For more on my fall decorating "philosophy" and what everything looked like for fall '08, check out
this link to my first ever blog debut - guest blogging this time last year on bryn alexandra). Then I got our foyer ready for fall!

First though, let me show you the front door, the entrance to the foyer. For the past few years I've been going very simple on the front stoop, just a trio of 3 big pumpkins. I'd like to eventually get some large urns and do a bit more drama out here, but until I know what I want, I'm just going easy and cheap.

Remember our transom window above the front door? (In the summer I had white starfish up there.) In the fall, I do 5 little mini pumpkins. I think they're so cute.

{from the outside}

{from the inside}

Ok, so now that we're inside the foyer, wanna see the new bookcase for fall?!

I meant to get lots of white pumpkins at the nursery, but they didn't really have many. Instead, I kind of liked these small yellow gourd thingies. When I got home, I plopped them in my long white olive/bread serving tray and thought they looked really sweet. They ended up being the color inspiration for the rest of the bookcase.

On the top of the shelf, I used my gigantic copper metal "P" that I got at Paper Source a couple of years ago (I've got a bit of a letter P collection going). And a gigantic black lantern (I scored 2 of these at Marshalls a while back, this one's twin is in my kitchen) with white candles. This twig pumpkin plays nicely off the wood basket on the bottom shelf, and using the white cake stand helped tie this vignette in with the white long tray that the yellow gourds are in. This bunch of wheat was left over from when I made my Martha Stewart wheat bundle (now on the fireplace mantel), and I like how it repeats the yellow and green vibe.

I also added a couple of books in the right colors to the bottom shelf. I started this bookcase redo thinking I would use mostly the orange pumpkins I got today, but it ended up being a brown, black white, yellow and green take on fall. I like it!

Thanks for looking! And thanks for hosting, Roeshel:)


  1. Love the pumpkins above your door. That is a great place for them. I just put a silhouette in mine, but the pumpkin idea is fabulous. Hope you will show it off at the Posh Porch Party.

  2. Those little pumpkins above the door are so cute.

  3. Love the little pumpkins!!! Looks fab!

  4. Ohhhh, I really like your bookshelf! Much more subtle than most of the tacky halloween stuff I see. It really suits the colors in your house as well. You've given me some good ideas! Thanks :-)

  5. Sarah - your decorating is always a breath of fresh air. So pretty. I love you little pumpkins above your door and your bookshelf looks beautiful. Great job as usual girl!

    Thanks so much for adding your inspiration to the Fall Festival! I'm go glad you joined in! :)


  6. Great ideas here! Your arrangements definitely say "fall" without being overstuffed and too heavy. I love that more light-handed touch.
    Pretty blog you have here too... I scrolled around a bit and will definitely be back!

  7. So cute! You give me so many great ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  8. Love the pumpkins in the transom window. I have one of those on the back side of my house. Right now I have white creamers lined up. But now you have got me thinking to change them out for pumpkins.

  9. Gorgeous! I'm really having some trouble with a bookcase and cabinet- so I'm storing these for inspiration!

  10. The bookshelf looks so effortless. Love the touches of color.

  11. Such great photos! I love yellow gourds as well....for some reason I have gone with white pumpkins this Fall. I think I will have to get some more Fall going on over here:)



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