A Camping Room


How cool is this? An attic nook converted into a camping room, complete with sleeping bags and woodland wallpaper!!!!! If I had the space, I would totally do this for when we have kids. A place just for getting away, having fun and using your imagination. Like a whole new world, just a few stairs up.

In the recent addition of the Boston Magazine Home edition we got in the mail, they featured a gorgeous old home in Newton, MA that was completely renovated by the owners (with help from their contractors). She created this camping room in an attic nook as a Father's Day gift to her husband and their 2 boys. Aw!!! The room is even shaped like a tent:)

Furthermore, the title of this issue was "The Hot 50: The Next Generation of Design Stars Who are Shaping the City".

So, a big shout out and congrats to fellow blogger Erin of Elements of Style for making the cut!!! (Literally, when I read the cover of the magazine I said to myself "Geez, Erin's definitely gotta be in here somewhere." and she was!) Click here to check out Erin's post on her part of the magazine as well as more photos of the above amazing home in Newton.

PS. I totally stole both of these pics from Erin's post. Thanks!

PPS. My 2 best friends and I used to go camping in our backyards growing up. We didn't care that we were like 75 feet from our parents, the house, a bathroom, we just wanted to be out on our own, chatting, playing games, eating all the yummy food we brought out with us. Does anyone do this anymore?


  1. My kids are waiting fo the temperature to break 60 so they can camp in the back yard again. This is definately still a kids favorite activity!

  2. Oh my! My little one would LOVE that camping room! So cute!

  3. Way cool. A clever way to bring the outdoors in, and vice versa. Not to mention a great idea for a staycation. Now, if only that attic had an opening for roasting smores.

    Fri @ Wedding Nouveau

  4. My sister and I use to "camp" in our playroom upstairs. We'd make a circle of chairs (facing outwards) and drape blankets over them to create a tent. It was great fun.

  5. For her tenth b'day, my daughter and three friends camped in a tent on our patio. With twinkle lights on top and a tiny tv\vcr so they could watch movies. Not exactly "roughing it", but they had a blast!

  6. That camping room is adorable! Where was all this cool stuff when I was growing up?

  7. I actually never went camping until I was married! My family never camped growing up. But my H is the ultimate outdoorsman, so we've camped out quite a bit, and I love it!
    PS- I just saw your comment on my invite post- I got the wedding invites printed at a local paper store here in Wichita called Bradley Paper. It's similar to the Paper Source- they have so many awesome papers, classes, and other neat little stationary items. I got my wedding invites printed there a couple years ago. The bridal shower invites were just printed at Fed Ex Kinkos. I would have just done them at home, but she needed 60!!


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