Walking in Maine


Thank you so much to everyone who joined in for the Mood Board Monday McLinky party this week! We had 18 participants (including me), the most ever!!! And lots of first-timers too, which is awesome (we are so glad you came!). Let me know if anyone has any ideas for what they'd like to see in the next round.

You know I usually don't post alot about our personal comings and goings here but this weekend I actually happened to have my camera with me, happened to take pics, and there happened to not be any bad ones of me, so I thought I'd share. Plus, these 2 cute little faces are just too adorable not to show:

On Sunday we drove to Portland, Maine (about 2. 5 hours away) to visit our good friends Suzanne and Zach and their 2 girls, Phoebe (who's 4) and Piper (who's 2). Are they not the cutest kids you've ever seen (besides your own, of course...and besides my nieces and nephew)!!??

Even as far north as Maine it was super nice out this weekend, so we all decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, girls in the wagon.

We ended up at this really beautiful cemetery down the street from their house (Mount Sinai Cemetery).

Do you think J.K. Rowling had ever been there before?

We had a wonderful time catching up, eating lots of good food and playing with these guys.


{Piper and Buddy, the farmer}


  1. I know just where you guys were! Would you believe I'm still another 5 hours north of there?!? :)

  2. R.I.P. Harry Potter. My kids will be crushed.


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