A Ray of Sunshine


Yay! I got a great email the other day...Reid over at
A Fellow G.R.I.T.S. has given me the Sunshine Award!! Sweet, thanks so much:)

Reid is a mom, a DIYer, crafter, thrifter, all around creative gal who's always joining in on tons of blogland parties. It means a lot that she likes my blog...it means alot that you too are reading this, whoever you are:)

So, now in good award fashion, I must pass this acclamation on to 5 other deserving blogs. (Hopefully they don't mind, but I'm going to use their own words to tell you a litte bit about their blogs.)

1. Averill of
Odi Et Amo: "A download of all the places, people and things that I love, hate and hate to love in the worlds of interior design, fashion and style."

Averill's on a roll decorating her new house and I love how she captures it all with her unique and interesting writing style. She's always posting gorgeous inspiration pictures and she blows my mind every time she participates in Mood Board Monday. Thanks, Averill:)

{Averill's new master bath}

2. Trina of A Country Farmhouse : "My husband and I bought an old farmhouse in the country and have been fixing it up ever since. This is the story of our renovation journey and also, musings of a few of my great passions...country life, antiques, old houses and healthy living."

Trina is doing amazing things with her house...and every time I visit her blog I get inspired to inject just a bit more country farmhouse into our New England colonial. I think she brings such a unique look to blogland - so glad you're here, Trina!!

{Trina's living room during the holidays}

3. Emily of Jones Design Company : "I have a great love of designing and I enjoy creating stationery for my clients, but I'm also: a wife, a mother of four, a sister & daughter, football fan, adorer of anything linen, magazine lover, collector of too-expensive jeans and indulger in all things sweet."

She loves interior design, she loves paper, she's great at both, can you see why I like her?! And she just had a beautiful baby girl named Audrey...congrats, Emily!!!

{Emily's kitchen}

4. Torie Jane of Torie Jane: "I'm a London-based fashion designer. This is my blog about all things pretty and creative, from shabby chic to fashion, via decorative crafts and stylish boutiques."

Torie Jane is a go-to blog for your daily dose of beautiful. From food to packaging, gifts to fabric, home decor to artisans and their crafts to tables capes, she finds lovely things from around the world (or makes her own) and shares them with us. Thanks so much, Torie Jane!!!

{Torie Jane's butterfly bags}

5. Karen of A Day in the Life of Karen: "The past four years being married to my best friend have been amazing. After a three years struggle with infertility and miscarriage, we are finally expecting our daughter, Jillian, this Christmas. It is truly an amazing miracle given to us by God and we couldn't be more blessed. I live in Cleveland, OH but am a Southern girl at heart. I am passionate about decorating our newly built home, our growing neighborhood, Target, looking good, my career as an Accountant, HGTV, and staying in shape."

Karen is a friend from thenest.com, a fellow Decorator and Renovator, whose style I love. After experiencing some of the same things Karen and her husband have, I have loved following along as they finally expand their family with sweet little Jillian, now 2 months old. And you can bet I'm taking notes and filing them away for later on all things new-Mom related:) Thanks for being such a strong person, Karen...you are such an inspiration!

{Karen's master bedroom}

Thanks again to Reid for this awesome award! And keep it up, all of you out there...you're doing great work:)


  1. Just going through my daily reads and saw your wonderful comments about me. Thanks so much! I love visiting your blog as well.

  2. Your blog has been chosen for an award :)


  3. Thanks so much, Sarah! You totally made my day. :)

  4. Yay!!! You guys both deserve it:)

    Ooooh, thanks, Angie!!! That's awesome:)


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