Brimfield Finds: Part 1


Hello! I'm back to share some of the stuff I bought when I went to the Brimfield Antique Show last week. Just a reminder, if you missed it this time, they do it 3 times a you have another chance to go July 13-18th or September 7-12th.

(A few of you asked how I knew about this great fair or where you could find a list of others like it around the country. I found out about Brimfield from a blog, and then after some research realized how close I was to it..yay! But I did remember seeing an article on just this thing in the May issue of Country Living entitled "America's Best Antiques Shows". Luckily I was able to find a coordinating online article on their site, thanks Country Living!!! Check out their "coast to coast antique guide" here. Hope that helps!!)

Back to the goodies...I decided to do this post in 2 parts. The first set of things I bought for our nursery! Even though we haven't really started putting the room together (we are due with a baby girl at the beginning of September!!! - by the way, I added a new label for the "Baby Girl" category), I thought it would be fun to add some "antiques" to her space. I don't really know enough about antiques to feel confident buying large pieces of furniture or other big ticket items, so I tend to just go for small accessories when I'm there. Plus I figured the goal of scoring some things for the nursery would keep me most focused and my budget for the show day hopefully intact:)

From this moment forward, I will refer to our future daughter (how weird and awesome is it to say that?!) as BG. Besides standing for Baby Girl, BG also happens to be the acronym for what Paul and I (and my family) actually call her...and its just too wacky to share with you guys;)

So, here's the stuff I got for BG's room (all items photographed on my mantel/coffee table, as so far there's not really a nursery to put them in....yikes! I gotta get moving!):

Last year at the show I stumbled across a gentleman selling old moveable type from the letterpress printing industry. So cool! You get to rifle through all the sizes and fonts and pick/spell out whatever you like. I brought home the numbers 7, 2 and 9 last year for our anniversary, July 29th. You can see them here. This time I wanted to spell out something fun for BG's room, so I went with "play".

I love botanicals, so when I got sucked into a booth of vintage prints, I thought it only fitting that BG have some for her room too. I bought four 19th century hand-colored lithographs of flowers found in Germany (which is cool, I'm German on my dad's side). They were $10 each, and I got to choose the ones I wanted from a big stack. Not sure how I'm going to frame them yet.

I think this little piggy bank guy is so cute! He's only silver plate, but from the 1960s and he was $2.00:) I have to give him a good polish.

I bought this cool hook thing from a shabby/cottage chic booth called Twig and Berries Antiques...from searching the web it looks like they have a shop in Westfield, Ma. They put together this piece from salvaged architectural finds - the old piece of trim, a brass numbered plate and a painted iron hook. It'll go on her wall somewhere, I figure babies/kids need to hang stuff up, right?

So, there you have it. Nothing totally mind-blowing, but some vintage finds to add that created-over-time look to a room that I need to have ready in 3 months:) What do you think? I'll post the 2 things that I bought for myself soon!


  1. CUTE little piggy! And I love that he was only $2.. just more $ to fill him up with :)

  2. I love your taste - I could have purchased every piece!!!

    Happy pregnancy, and what a lucky girl BG is!

    :) Laura

  3. How lucky little BG is to have such a talented Mommy. Love the type set letters, too fun!! Kathysue

  4. Love the typeset letters and prints! Fantastic deals!

  5. you have a great eye - love all of your treasures, especially those botanical prints. Lori

  6. Great finds, I especially love the letters.

  7. Love the piggy bank. And I've always wondered what people did with the typeset letters, because they are backwards, ya know? But I really like how it looks spelled out in a word.

  8. Such great finds! My favorite has to be the pig. :)

  9. Great finds! Love that you're bringing vintage to BG's room -- the pig and typography are so cute, too.

  10. Great finds. Love the botanicals. I worked in a sign shop once and used that very same type of "type" to set and print signs on giant flat-bed presses. It was a really fun, quirky job and taught me my first lessons about running a business and putting a value to my work. Funny though, once I was done with that job, I never ever had the urge to collect type! Cool as I think it is, it represents "work" to me!

  11. Always wanted to go to Brimfield, but its a bit far from Tennessee! Great finds and blog. Enjoyed my first visit and I'm happy to be your newest follower!

  12. LOVE your finds! I want letterpress pieces as well. Funny enough, my bff was there too! We are going in September for sure. July i'll be on vacay or we would go then!


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