Going on Vacation:)


We're heading out tomorrow for our annual trip to Prince Edward Island, Canada! Probably not the smartest thing to be doing when you're 34 weeks pregnant and its an 11 - 12 hour drive to get there, but everyone I've talked to (my doctor and midwife included) say we should go for it as long as I'm feeling up to it. It'll sort of be like our baby moon, one last time away together while its still just the 2 of us (even though BG is always "with us" now).

I'm figuring the 12 hour drive will turn into a like 16 hour drive with all the bathroom stops I'm going to have to make!!! I've told Paul he'll have to be patient with me, its not my fault my bladder has been smooshed to a pancake. We're actually only going to drive about 4 hours Saturday night and then stop at a hotel in Bangor, Maine..finishing up the rest on Sunday. Anyone have any tips for long car rides while extremely pregnant?!

It'll be worth the trip though...PEI is beautiful and so much fun!! This is our third year in a row going up and staying with our friends. To see pics from last year's trip and read more about the house we'll be staying in again this year, click here. To check out our photos from our first trip in 2008, click here. To read about and see pics from our visit to Green Gables (the 19th century farm that is the setting for the much loved Anne of Green Gables book series), click here.

We'll be back in a week, so I'll see you guys then!!! Enjoy the last days of July and the first week of August!!!! And maybe wish me luck;)


  1. I just Tivo'd the old Anne of Green Gables series last week, I loved it so much as a child (and the books!). My grandparents got me my copy of Anne at LM Montgomery's house in PEI.

    Have fun, Bangor is where I went to college (well, Orono).

  2. Always wanted to go PEI -- but I think any girl who loved Anne of Green Gables has that on her travel wishlist!

    Have a wonderful time Sarah and enjoy these last few weeks before BG's arrival!

  3. I hope you are having a wonderful time, and seriously... where did time go? 34 weeks?? Holy mackeral!

  4. Have a wonderful trip!!
    I think "baby- moon" is so cute. :)

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