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Back in May, I went on an overnight girls trip into the city (Boston - I'm there all the time but this was different cause it was purely for fun and we stayed in a fancy hotel right on the Common) with a few of my friends. Of course this had to involve shopping on Newbury Street (I can only handle this for a few hours, but the other ladies I was with are ice cream break kept me going!) and entering every baby boutique we saw (one of the other girls is also pregnant with a girl due a week after me and the other 2 have young kids). While the other expectant mom bought all kinds of cute clothes for her little one, I bought BG some more room decor...a pack of Alphabet Cards by Cavallini from the shop Lester Harry's. Figures:)

So now I have to figure out how to hang all 26 of these suckers up! Here's some inspiration pics I found of some different ways to use alphabet cards in a nursery:

{leaning on a shelf of hooks...from Land of Nod via Row House}

{mounted on artist canvas and secured with silver brads...check out the tutorial on the blog tiny Decor here}

{high around the room like a border...these are DIY cards by mom and dad Natalie and Keith for baby Roman...via oh dee doh}

{on vintage wallpaper and framed...from PaperNest's photostream}

{hung on some kind of line - these cards are a horizontal format just like mine...via Canadian House and Home}

Now, although I love the whimsy hanging these would add to the room, I still keep going back to a basic symmetrical grid right on the wall. Sort of like this:

{from Children Inspire Design}

I've always loved the idea of many small similar things being grouped together to create one large scale dramatic moment. I definitely want to use all the letters, but 26? That's not divisible by anything...except 2 and 13. Urggghhh. I guess we'll solve that problem when we get to it!

I could mount them all on something larger, like canvas with fabric, but this seems like more work and I'm already wondering how much of this room I'm going to get done before she gets here (the countdown is on - only 49 days until our due date!). So I think I'm looking for the easiest way possible to get all these things directly on the wall. Can you guys think of any adhesive or anything that I could use to stick these right to the wall that will hold them securely? Any and all suggestions for mounting are welcome:) Do any of you have alphabet cards somewhere in your home? Or just a collection of small art grouped together? Thanks!


  1. I have a couple of sets of alphabet cards ... just can't get enough! If you put them directly on the wall, 3M makes mounting strips that are super easy to adhere and they don't mark your walls. I love a grid of cards, but yes, 26 is hard to do. How about spell her name? or monogram? Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. I love the cards you got! I have a box, and just ended up spelling "PLAY" in different frames in the playroom (maybe not so creative), I just could not figure out a way to use all of them, but I like the idea of a border or chair rail level. You don't HAVE to use them all!

  3. What about using Glue Dots? They stick pretty well and you can take them off if you decide to do something different. Plus they come in all different sizes.

  4. Super cute! I feel like I just saw a display of alphabet cards in a nursery on another blog or website but cannot think of where. Shoot!

    I agree with previous comment - glue dots might work well. I wouldn't think they would bother the wall too badly.

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  6. The last two are definitely my favorite. So cute! Thanks for sharing! Maybe someday I'll get around to tackling this project.

  7. wow!! i love the ones on string!! you should SO do that!

    visiting from the inspired room

  8. I bought a set of alphabet cards with flowers and their names on them at a cute baby boutique
    when our granddaughter was born, and since we have two other grandchildren, I have only used their initials, framed and hung on the wall in CampNanaPapa, our room for them when they nap or stayover. I used JEM plus an S to make JEMS, my alternative spelling for my gems. The room is small and all 26 may be a bit too much. I, too, love the ones hung on string!

  9. Thanks, guys! I will definitely have to check out the 3M mounting strips, thanks, Emily! And I can't believe I didn't think of glue dots...I use them all the time for my wedding paper stuff. Good call!!!

    I really do want to try and use as many of the cards as I can - I'm thinking, depending on the proportions of the wall space where I want them to go, that I'll subtract out the last few letters and do like 4 x 6 (24) or 5 x 5 (25) and put the cards I don't use somewhere else in the a little surprise:)

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