A Few Baby Shower Details


Hi! I had my baby shower this weekend!!! (I'm 32 weeks and 4 days today, no idea how that happened! And lots still left to do.) I had a wonderful day, it was so nice to see everyone and we got so much great stuff:) Huge thanks to my mom and sister, as well as Paul's mom and sister, for all their hard work, generosity and thoughtfulness.

I asked one of my friends to take pics during the shower, but haven't had a chance to check them out yet. I meant to get some detail shots before everyone arrived of the centerpieces, food, set up, etc. but of course that didn't happen (we actually had it at my house and I was still trying to fix my hair like 5 minutes before everyone started showing up!). But I did try and take a few photos for you after wards (these first few are recreated outside, not the original set ups) so you could at least get an overall sense of the day.

{they focused on fresh flowers for the decor (how can you go wrong?)...mom had her favorite local nursery/florist make a ton of arrangements of all different wildflowers in mason jars (that she supplied them with)...they were everywhere, on all the dining/coffee tables, in the bathroom, out on the deck...they were gorgeous, these pics don't do them justice!}

{the rest of the color palette was pink and aqua/teal after BG's nursery...my sister even took a cue from our holiday party this year and bought pink gingham fabric and cut it in half to use as table runners...good girl!!}

{the party started at 12:30pm and we did a "luncheon"...the theme was very light, healthy, summer fare...lots of salads and good bread...followed by some yummy dessert and a cake}

{we didn't play many games - not my style - but had a few "activities"...my sister-in-law provided these cute blank note cards and we had guests fill them out with mom advice, well wishes, or a message to the baby...i'm going to keep them with some other things in a cute memory box and they'll be sort of like a guest book}

{these 3 pieces of poster board with markers were hung on one of my blank walls...at first they were blank, except for the titles, and guests filled in their thoughts throughout the shower...we are still entertaining names for BG although we're about 90% sure we have the right one...I had hoped for more participation - we had about 40 women/girls there - but it is fun to read what everyone wrote!}

{the aftermath...not pictured - the boxes with the stroller, car seat, and high chair...everyone was so generous and I think we have everything we need now except for a few key things (crib mattress, changing pad, gotta go through our registry and see what else...huge thanks to my amazing family and friends}


  1. Sarah gorgeous pictures!! Would love to see your bump :)

  2. WOW- how are you so far along already? You are in the home stretch, girl! I can't wait to see pictures, particularly of your little baby bump. =)
    Hope you are well, we miss you on the Nest!

  3. 心中醒,口中說,紙上作,不從身上習過,皆無用也。..................................................

  4. SO MUCH FUN!! Glad you had a beautiful day with friends and family for your shower! So....are you keeping her name a secret???? Not that I'm nosy or anything, hee hee.

    PS- the floors look awesome!

  5. Yay for baby showers! They're pretty fun, aren't they? And thanks for sharing the details. I'm co-hosting a baby shower for a friend in September and am looking for some fun, fresh ideas. I may borrow a few from yours!

    Time goes FAST, doesn't it? I'm 37 weeks tomorrow. Just wait, Sarah, time starts flying! Get those to-do lists started!

  6. Happy baby shower! We are really close in dates, I am 33 weeks, 2 days!

  7. Hi Sarah, what an awesome baby shower! I can't believe you are that far along either. So exciting! How have you been feeling???

    I want to see that bump!


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