PEI Nursery Finds


Hi! Well, we got back on Saturday from our vacation to Prince Edward Island...and we did not end up having a Canadian baby:) Phew (no offense to any Canadian readers)! 36 weeks today...and one of the things we were worried about (besides the long car ride to get there) was having BG come early while we were away up there, with no car seat, no hospital bag, no family around, in another country, you get the idea.

The 12 hour drive was not as bad as I thought - I ended up needing to stop for the bathroom on average of once every hour!!! I'm not sure what exactly I expected, but I thought this was pretty reasonable, no?! On the way up we broke the trip up into 2 parts - almost 5 hours up to Bangor, Maine where we stayed for the night on Saturday, and then about 8 hours the next day to get to our friend's rental on PEI. I think this helped a lot. This past Saturday, for the return trip, we did it all at once and I could definitely tell the difference for the last hour or 2, I was ready to be out of that car!! Later that night, once we were home and settled, I realized my ankles and feet were really swollen - for the first time of the entire pregnancy. I'm guessing this was a side effect of all that sitting...I put my feet up for a little bit over the last few days and they are definitely looking better.

Now on to the fun stuff!!! While we were there and "shopping" (which in PEI terms is relative, we had to drive about a half hour to "town" where there were a couple of cute little retail stores), I found a couple of things for the nursery. (Hopefully no one minds that this blog has been mostly nursery related lately, sorry! And even though I keep posting about it, I don't actually have that much done!)

This cute little guy (Flopsie Bear), of the Gain's Creek Collection, was hand-made by local artist Glenis Bowser of the
Gains Creek Bear Studio. He's made from 100% virgin wool blankets by MacAusland's Woolen Mills, also of PEI.

I love collecting home decor related items made in the area or by local artists of wherever I'm visiting (last year on our trip to the Island, I bought a really cool matted photo by a local photographer, its in our family room on the entertainment center).

My other two purchases are by a Canadian artist (though not specifically PEI) but they were too good not to buy just because of that! They are greeting cards by illustrator Julie St-Onge-Drouin of Ketto in Quebec.

Even though they're cards, they'll make great wall art. I'll probably frame them or just lean them up on the two Ribba picture ledge shelves I got for the room at IKEA.

Love the style, the characters, the color, the whimsy, all the fun patterns. I had to limit myself to only 2 cards, even though they were like only $4 each:)

What have you guys been up to the last few weeks?


  1. Love the little prints, they are so whimsical, Kathysue

  2. That is the most adorable bear! Welcome home! Janell

  3. Great finds! They will look so sweet in the nursery. Welcome home!

  4. Oh my -- great finds -- so adorable! The countdown to Baby is on! Take it easy now!


  5. That bear is holy-smokes adorable. I might have to make the drive to P.E.I. just to get my own!


  6. I'm glad you had a great trip. We bought a McAusland blanket years ago when we were in PEI. I'm glad they are still in business. What an adorable bear they make.

  7. i love the artist you have magical..will you share where you put them?


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