PEI Driftwood Find


Besides the stuff I bought for the nursery while we were on vacation on Prince Edward Island, I also came home with one other home decor souvenir. This one was free...but I worked for it:)

One of my favorite parts of the trip this year was when we "hiked" part of the Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada in Greenwich. This part of the park, a peninsula, is known for its fragile dune system. We walked for about an hour to where the trail ends at the dunes and a beautiful beach. As we walked along it, we found tons of great big pieces of driftwood. My friend Dena, who we stay with while we are there, is an avid antiquer and collector of cool old stuff. She had the brilliant of idea of taking one home with her (hopefully this is not against the law!), so of course I wanted one too. Here he is on the coffee table in our living room:

Awesome, right? Let me take you on a more detailed journey of how I got my own piece of real driftwood from a beach at the tip of PEI.

First, we walked on a gravel pathway along St. Peter's Bay.

Then the trail entered the woods (loved the birch trees and all the dappling light).

Soon we came to a boardwalk, meandering its way through the forest.

Eventually, the boardwalk started to float, and we walked along this suspended dock through these wetland marshes. Amazing!!!

After a short climb over the dunes, we were here:

{looking right}

{looking left}

Once we each had our perfect piece of driftwood, we started back, lugging those guys this whole way.

The trip was worth it just for the wonderful views, but I'm also super glad I also have something so lovely to remember it by!!

Check out another photographer's pics of the Greenwich hike


  1. I love a good FREE beach find like that! Looks like you found quite a treasure - it's gorgeous :) So worth the hike!

  2. Such a nice vacation!
    p.s. are you able to block this asian spammer? or at least delete the comments for now?

  3. Thanks, guys! Julie, yes, what is with all the asian spam? I was just too lazy to do anything about it before, but now I realize its a problem for alot of us. Anyone know how to block them? For now I just deleted it....thanks!

  4. What a beautiful place! I love the floating dock and the sand dunes. It just screams serenity!
    Lila Ferraro

  5. The meadows look serene indeed, but what I like the most is that floating dock along the wetlands. I imagine myself there, enjoying all the sunlight I want and feeling the wind gliding over my skin. Well, I think a nature-filled community would be perfect for any individual who wishes to retire in a relaxing environment. Most homes for retirement (Pennsylvania) that I know have these kinds of areas. They recognize the fact that it's never too late to get in touch with nature during one's retirement. PA is filled with lush environments, so I think it's a great place to retire.


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