The Nursery: Progress Part III


Howdy! How was everyone's weekend? I spent it relaxing at the beach (with my mom cooking for me), so no complaints here!!!

I've got another installment of the nursery progress for you. Here's the floor plan again:

Last week I showed you the dresser wall (but without any framed botanical prints) and the crib wall (pretty much done, don't think I need to do anything else there, unless you guys have any suggestions?).

Here's how the back wall stands now (the one with the 2 windows and glider in the corner):

I'm really proud of myself that I didn't spend all that much in this room. One of my splurges though were these floor-length patterned drapes from The Land of Nod. Love them! Saw them while flipping through the catalog and changed my whole mind about what I was going to do for window treatments in here. I love the pop of the pink (more like a watermelon, there's definitely some orange in them) drapes against the blue walls. And they've got this great large scale floral pattern that plays nicely with the small stripes, dots and flowers in the bedding.

{La Fleur Curtain Panels...$35.00 each for the 84" tall ones, they have them in 63" too for $25 each...and you can request free fabric swatches before ordering, which I actually did for once! }

I probably did not go about this quite the right way though. I still have the old yucky white vinyl roller shades on the windows too, performing the light blocking and privacy role. Not sure what I'm going to do about them, but I liked the decorative nature of the LON drapes so much that I just went for them without really planning out the entire window treatment combination. I guess I could always take down the roller shades and actually draw closed the panels each night, we'll see. For now I'm just psyched that I went bold and colorful with the curtains as I always tend to go too neutral.

The curtain rods are by Umbra from Bed Bath and Beyond. I went there to shop for the window hardware because I had a $25 gift card and a couple of their fabulous 20% off coupons. Each rod was $24.99, but with 2 coupons and the gift card I only spent $18 total for both:)

This is the Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Swivel Glider with a Stone Twill slipcover. Besides it being comfy and all upholstered (which is what I was looking for in a glider), we actually got it for free using a ton of gift cards!!!! Paul travels a lot for work and is signed up for every frequent flyer, corporate credit card, and hotel gift rewards program that there is. And let me tell you people, these things pay off!!! He took a bunch of his American Express Corporate points and converted them over into enough PB gift cards to buy us this chair! (We did this a few years ago when we first moved in and got our dining room table for free as well.) So, even though I know the chair was a bit pricey, we decided to go for it (by spending nothing) instead of actually buying a less expensive one from Babies R Us or another furniture store.

{the little hand-made bear that I found on our vacation in PEI has a home for now here on the chair}

There's one more big thing I'd like to do along this wall but haven't had the chance yet. At our beach house on Cape Cod, my mom has a very wide low bookshelf that she's not using. Its some sort of cheap wood, I'd like to steal it from her (already got permission) and paint it white and put it centered under the 2 windows for books, toys, etc. It can also hopefully act as a side table for the glider since I don't actually have one of those.

So, what do you think? Usually I end up setting up a room over time (never being done with it) with mostly neutral stuff because I get too panicked about choosing one color palette and sticking to it (and I get bored easily). So I'm proud of myself that I decided on something, went with it and sort of did everything in such a short amount of time that this room might actually, someday soon, be considered finished. And I'll still love it in a year or two:) Next up is the last wall in the room, the one on the far left, stay tuned! (And then hopefully, a big complete "reveal" post sometime with sources.)


  1. GORGEOUS! I love the curtains. I have a habit of going too neutral, too ... and I'm thinking of going bold in our master bedroom this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The nursery is adorable! I think you can totally make the roller shades work.... I suggest you dress them up a bit like Janell from Isabella & Max Rooms did for her daughter:

    With some decorative pulls and ribbon, they could be show stoppers!!

  3. LOVE this room...I'm sure you're having so much fun putting it all together. Thanks for letting us share your joy and the process!!

    There are faux wood blinds at Walmart in white that we have as our blinds. They look simple yet classy in our nurseries. I always liked them because they were not expensive at all but looked nice while blocking light, giving privacy, etc.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Those drapes are TOO adorable!! I LOVE them. We went kinda cheapo with our window treatments & opted for the Ikea Vivan semi-sheers - hopefully the babe will be able to nap int he room with them or we may be switching them out for darker curtains sometime soon! Room looks great so far - can't wait to see the rest!!

  5. The curtains are stunning. I LOVE the way the pop against that beautiful blue paint. Everything about this room just works so well together- and I haven't seen anything like it. Great job!
    And PS about the points: I totally feel you- Jon has a small business and racks up quite a bit of points each month. Last month we were up to 100,000, so I asked him if I could buy a few gift cards to get some new sheets for our bed. Score!

  6. love the rug. is it dash&albert? sorry if you've mentioned this, i looked back a few pages for info but didn't see anything about the rug. and good call on the glider. we bought a traditional Dutalier nursery glider, and i wish i had spent the extra money on a PBK upholstered glider; more functional, better looking, more comfy. oh well.

  7. I really love it, it is beautiful! I think the used crib is a fine way to go, by the way. Jack inherited his sister's crib, which is 4 years old. I love the alphabet cards the best!
    -Lindsey (formerly Cameras, Cupcakes and Cinderella)

  8. Hey, Perilous! Thanks! Sorry, I did forget to mention the rug source...its also from PB Kids. I had no idea I what I was going to do for an area rug and then I got one of their sale emails a few months ago. They had these striped rugs (one in all blues and greens and reds for boys too) and the 4 x 6 was on sale for $39.99! I still had a $50 gift card leftover from the glider, so I went for it - free rug! The colors are a bit brighter than the bedding, but I like the boldness they add. I love Dash and Albert striped rugs, have always wanted to get one!!!

  9. It looks amazing although I am not surprised!!!!! The curtains really make the room, they hit the floor perfectly!!! You have a knack!

  10. Got to love the 20% off coupons from BB&B! Great work on the curtains. Love their color against the wall!

  11. your Glider looks so beautiful.see some more glider on nursery gliders

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  13. Hi evan thanks for sharing that.I have also some Nursery Gliders


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