The Nursery: Progress Part I


Hi! Sorry for the radio silence, but we actually got a ton done in the nursery this week!! My mom came and stayed with me for a few days and helped me sort through all the new clothes/stuff we got at the shower, I started washing them, and we organized them in the dresser and closet. Yay! (Thanks, Mom!)

But you probably want to see more of the fun stuff, so here's a look at the dresser wall in progress.

If you remember this room before, the walls were cream, but the color stopped at the sloped portion of the high ceiling. Paul and I painted the walls Benjamin Moore (Natura) Heaven on Earth and brought the color up onto the angled part of the ceiling to really accentuate the height.


{in progress}

Finally got the IKEA Hemnes 8 drawer dresser put together and I'm loving this thing!! It's huge, which is what we wanted (all the drawers are already filled). Plenty of room for the changing pad and diaper paraphernalia, plus a little bit of fun accessories. I'm not completely sold on this vignette, but I wanted to style it a bit, with what I had, to make the photo look better for you guys:)

{still have to choose the perfect ultrasound pic of BG and put it in the frame...Remember the little silver pig I bought at Brimfield? about him here.}

I'll probably do a big source list for you guys at the end once I have most of the room done, but I can tell you that the only things we actually paid for in the above whole wall shot are the dresser ($299), the paint (like $65) and the pig ($2). Everything else was either a gift (changing pad cover, PB Bunny Critter chair, stuffed animal, diapers), hand-me-down (changing pad) or purchased with a gift card (lamp, area rug)!!!

Even though having this much done is huge for me, there's still obviously more I want to do. I think the proportions of this dresser lend itself perfectly to the 4 antique botanical prints I also bought at Brimfield this year. So my plan is to frame them and hang them 4 in a row above the dresser.

And just to prove more to you that I have made some substantial progress in this room (really, I had like nothing done up until last weekend), here's a couple of sneak peeks of what else is going on.

{Read about this little guy (Flopsie Bear) that I found on our vacation to PEI here.}

{After all your help - thanks!, I figured out how to best hang up the alphabet cards...I love how they turned out! Post on that to come.}

Things are totally starting to feel more real around here now...I'm 37 weeks 3 days today! We made it full term and that means she could come at any time:) Thanks for all your support and encouragement throughout these last 9 months!!!

**Edit: Holy moly, I just remembered...we didn't even really pay for the IKEA dresser either!!! We bought it originally, but my parents reimbursed us for it as they wanted to contribute to part of the baby's nursery furniture. I guess my grandparents had bought the nursery furniture for my parents when they were pregnant with me 33 years ago and my mom wanted to continue the tradition!!! Thanks again, Mom and Dad!! (Boy, we lucked out!)


  1. It's looking amazing! Love the colors and that bright rug then all of those cute details...I knew it'd be fabulous, perfect for BG. I can't wait to see it all!

    So glad you stopped by earlier...I always think of you and wish I had your email because I want to see how you're doing. :) Glad to see all is going well. I'm so happy for you!

    Yea, the diningroom - it needed a mini-makeover. I got that amazing table then nothing for a while. lol So, time to get it all done and of course new table means a few new other things (thrifty finds).

    Anyway, I could go on and on but mostly just thinking of you, wishing you the best, praying for you/P and BG. Have a great week!


  2. It's coming together nicely...can't wait to see the finished result! I'm loving the lamp (it would be perfect in our master bedroom)! Did you buy it that way or paint it? If you bought, where did you find it? If you painted, what color/brand did you use?

  3. This looks incredible! What great ideas!

  4. Looks fantastic! You have some great ideas there!

  5. Yay, thanks! I'm really happy with how everything is coming along, so glad you guys like it!!! I was worried that I would have nothing done when she came, but I'm feeling a bit more prepared now:)

    Dunne' - got the lamp from TJMaxx a couple of months ago, it was $39.99. They had them in sort of aqua color and also a brighter chartreuse green. We totally need lamps for our master bedroom too!!! Good luck!

  6. You really did luck out! It's looking amazing so far! I love that PBK critter chair too & I wanted to buy one, but then I decided to go with a CUTE $8 Target clearance bean bag I found instead, lol. Can't wait to see the rest of the room!

  7. So fabulous! Chic little nursery, I will have to pass it along to a non-blogger friend who is decorating hers! Love your little world, so happy to find you and happy to be your newest follower! XX!

  8. Everything looks great! My little guy came early at 37 weeks, so I have had no chance to post nursery pics! I love yours though, the colors are so cute.

  9. I'm really loving the nursery, Sarah! Good luck these next few weeks- I hope you have a safe and quick delivery! =) And I REALLY hope you'll post a picture or two of your new baby girl!

  10. Looks precious!

    You're on the downhill slide now! Hope you are feeling well and have a great delivery experience---it is unlike anything you can imagine!


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