Living Room Update: The Green Striped Rug


Hey! Remember that we got new hardwood floors this summer? And that the next step was area rugs? I posted a while back about the Striped Cotton rugs from Pottery Barn and wanted your advice on whether the Green or Blue colorway would look better in our living room. Thanks so much for your help, the resounding answer was that the green rug would be a better fit:)

Of course, silly me waited too long to order it, so that when I went online to PB the 8 x10 green rug was no longer available. Waaaahhhhhhh! However, the 5 x 8 was still in stock (and on sale) as well as the 8 x 10 blue striped rug. Hmmm. Right color, wrong size? Right size, wrong color? Scratch this idea and start all over? Gah! In the end I decided to go with the right color rug in the wrong size. So the finished product is slightly smaller than I wanted it and I'm probably breaking all sorts of designer rug size rules, but I like it:)

How about some progression of the living room shots? (You don't have anything else to do other than read this post, right?!)

{living room when we moved in}

{living room with our stuff and new paint...AND NASTY CARPET}


{my PHOTOSHOP MOCKUP of how the green rug would look}

And the real deal:

So, as you can see, the rug doesn't cover as much of the room as I wanted it to (I thought it would go under the sofa some and that the 2 leather chairs would mostly be on top of it). Oh well. I definitely think it adds a lot of color to the room and makes the whole space feel brighter.

I wouldn't call this the finished "after". I really want to get new decorative throw pillows for the club chairs...something in green and with a bold geometric pattern. I also don't really like the window treatments anymore, but for now I'll live with them.

The rug has a bit more yellow/gold in it than I was expecting, but I'd like to pull more of the green out as my accent color. Switching out some of small accessories in here hopefully helped a little bit with that. (The below photo is probably the most accurate pic of the real colors of the rug.)

On a side note, we have a new chair in this room. My mom brought over my little rocking chair from when I was a kid. I thought it looked cute sitting next to one of the larger club chairs. For now its only for show, but hopefully Maura will like it when she gets a bit older.

{I brought down the wool bear that I got this summer in PEI from the nursery to hang out here}

What do you guys think? Does the smaller rug look ok? Or should I have gone with the larger blue one even though I didn't like the color as much? Would you have just started from scratch? Thanks!


  1. I like the rug. As you said, an 8x10 was ideal, but not an option. Have you considered getting a sisal or seagrass rug in 8x10 and then layering the cotton one on top of that under the coffee table?

  2. I was going to make the same suggestion as above. Get an 8X10 seagrass and layer the rugs. It will add more texture and dimension to the room. Natural Home Rugs has great prices on natural fiber rugs. I've ordered from there before and have been very happy with the product.

  3. I love the colors in the rug. Did you consider ordering a second one at that size and lining them up side-by-side? That might help fill the empty space between the coffee table and sofa. Your little rocker is adorable!

    - Emily

  4. Love the colors of the rug - it feels so cozy without being overly "fall". I just bought the other colorway for the dining room at our flip, but I might like yours better!

  5. I love the colors in the rug! I think the size looks fine, but I like the suggestion to use an 8x10 seagrass. The natural fiber would tie in nicely to the color of your shades, and maybe even get one with a green border that would pull out the green from the striped rug that you mentioned you liked.

  6. The room looks like something out of Pottery Barn!!! I the size you were able to get is perfect! I do like the idea of layering rugs also! I did this in a room in our home and get lots of compliments on it.

  7. Glad you went with the green. And your floors look beautiful!

  8. Where I normally like 8x10s for my rooms, I REALLY like the size. Those floors are so beautiful (and y'all worked so hard on them!) that it would be ashamed to cover them up. I think the purpose of the rug was to pull the sitting area of the room together and this rug (and its size) did just that. Mission accomplished! [I seriously drool whenever I see pics of your floors!]
    PS - I have that same little rocking chair from when I was a little girl. It is in my dad's basement somewhere. I'll get it back one day when we have a little one!

  9. I think it looks great! even with the current curtains and pillows! Love that little rocking chair!

  10. Thanks, everyone!!

    Huh, good idea about the larger sisal/sea grass rug underneath! I never would have thought of that.

    True, Emily...2 5 x 8s make an 8 x 10. I did realize that after the rug had come. Now they don't have any green ones left:(

    Thanks, Vonda! I do think this size is "good enough" for now to do what you said..pull the sitting area together. I admit, I'll probably just keep it like this for the foreseeable future. At least until I get rugs in the other rooms (I'll try to do a better job with those!). How funny that you have the same rocker, too cute!

  11. i actually am diggin' the smaller version more! i think it works great!

  12. I think the rug looks great for now, what beautiful colors in it. That room is stunning, I am blown away by the hardwoods!!!!


  13. I agree with "Get Your Martha On"...

  14. I do like the rug, but I think it needs to be larger. I know several people suggested a seagrass rug to layer underneath. I bought a 9x12 seagrass rug from Overstock for $230. My hubby hates it because it is too rough and it is too small for our space, but it was cheap. I think it would be okay to layer over with something soft.

    Amy R.

  15. i agree with the comments above...a seagrass would look great with the current layered on top.

  16. I was thinking much the same...two of the same rug side by side. :)

  17. I think your living room looks lovely. Great job. Quick question, where did you get your coffee table?

  18. Thanks!!

    Elizabeth - coffee table and end table are from Target. About 2 or 3 years ago, so not sure if they still carry them:(


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