Our Blooming Baby


I didn't do a very good job of documenting my pregnancy (I meant to, it just didn't happen), so I told myself I really need/want to make an effort to document Maura's first few years (especially this early time).

One way in which I'm attempting to do this was unplanned. My friend
Suzanne sent Maura a really cool gift when she was born, a Blooming Baby Growth Chart Receiving Blanket (Tulip design) by Trend Lab.

Here's the product description straight from Amazon..."Finally, a growth chart for babies. The blankets center can be used to record growth with a fabric marker which is not included or in the attached growth chart booklet. Blanket reverses to a soft sage velour. Blanket is 36" x 36".

Basically its a square blanket with a cute tulip border and running from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner are one inch increments. You lay the baby on the blanket with their head at the 0" mark, stretch out their legs and see where the heel touches. Awesome! I went to Michaels and bought a couple of fabric pens and we've since been keep tracking of Maura's length right on the blanket. I'm not being super anal about recording her stats, just taking the time to measure her and fill in the appropriate number, event and date when we feel like it. As of last Friday, her 9th week mark, we had 3 recordings.

{the nurse at our pediatrician's office at our first visit said maybe the hospital didn't get a good "stretch" on her when she was born, because according to their measurement she grew 1.25" in less than a week, ha!}

So on Friday we added another milestone to the list. Probably should have done it on her 8 week "birthday" for consistency, but I'm trying not to stress myself out with this:)

23.5 inches! Thank goodness she's long, cause this girl likes to eat:)

I've also been taking a picture of Maura every Friday (she was born on a Friday night) in her bunny chair. No specific outfits or special onesies, just whatever she is wearing (which is kind of fun in its own right, to see all her "clothes"), so I'm going to add the week in later in Photoshop. Here's her 9 week bunny chair photo:

Have you guys seen the Blooming Baby Blanket before? Do you have other ways of keeping track of your kids' stats? When she's actually standing I'd love to paint a growth chart on the wall or something, anyone else do this?


  1. What a great idea! And what a sweetheart- she's so cute!

    PS- and girl, you are RIGHT ON about choosing not to stress yourself over those little things! Life happens, and it's busy and messy and unpredictable...and wonderful!!! :)

  2. That is such a fun idea! She's a doll.

  3. LOVE this idea. what a great gift!

  4. She is just so sweet! I wish I had seen the blanket in time for my niece's arrival - so cool! :)

  5. it's really cute! we got lucky and one of my dear friends make the kids growth charts out of planks of wood with wood burned kids characters as decorations. We love it.

  6. That is such a cute idea! Love it. And Maura is just so darling.


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