Sneak Peek: Dining Room Rug


Thanks again to everyone who participated in Mood Board Monday! Great turn out, lots of really beautiful rooms. I'll try to get back in to doing these more regularly once all the holiday craziness is over.

I wanted to share with you guys my amazing find at Home Goods last week. I was out getting my eyebrows waxed, and since Paul was home with Maura, I decided to take a quick run into Home Goods which was just across the street (gotta take advantage of these alone time situations!). Little did I know I would score the perfect rug for our dining room!!!

It's a 7' 10" x 11' wool oriental with subtle shades of blue grey, beige, ivory, sage, caramel, taupe and burnt orange. I put it on hold (I actually had to wait to see if the woman it was already on hold for came back to claim it. She didn't, so I got it!) and then went back with Paul and our other car to pay for it and take it home.

I love it! Its just the right size (not like my living room rug!), it really lightens up the room and let's our dark espresso table and chairs pop (before they blended into the new wood floors), and its a great combination of warm and cool tones so I can really decorate this room/table with a variety of different looks for the seasons.

I'll show you how it looks in the room later. It's a bit of a disaster zone in there right now, full of baby gear and gifts.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with friends and family:)


  1. Great score! I thought for sure you were going to say you bought this rug at Pottery Barn. Looks just like PB!

  2. Looks gorgeous. I also thought it was from PB - they have one very similar that I've had my eye on!

  3. Beautiful! Don't you love those unexpected finds...and now you'll always remember going out to get your eyebrows done every time you look at it, ha!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Great find! I love Homegoods. I've actually been stalking by local store for a rug for our dining room too.

  5. Ohh what a great find! I have a very similar area rug in my living room, and I love it!!

    xo Linda

  6. I love that rug!!!! Our version of Homegoods is called HomeSense up here in Canada, and I always try and work a quick trip in when I'm out without kids... so much good stuff!! I have the urge to tomorrow and see if that rug is up here! Cheers!

  7. Oh, do I love Home Goods! That's a beautiful rug, enjoy!

  8. Beautiful!!! I love it! I have a gift card to Home Goods and I have to go!!

  9. Awesome find! This rug is so classic, love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog--and so glad to have found yours--and so nice to meet someone local! I love your Mood Board Monday idea btw and will definitely be participating soon!


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