Our Christmas Card 2010


Hey there! Happy New Year!! Yeah, I know its a little late to be posting photos of our Christmas cards, but I just loooove these so much that I had to share them with you...even if its January 3rd.

As soon as my good friend Holly delivered Maura's birth announcements (read about that collaboration and see pics here), I signed her up to design and letterpress print our Christmas cards:)

I am beyond thrilled with the way they turned out!!! They are gorgeous!!! These were made using much the same process as Maura's birth announcements (printed on Holly's Kluge press with an attached photo printed by SmugMug), but without any additional cut paper shapes added on. However, she did go through another step to achieve the effect of these subtle snowflakes.

Blind embossing is when an image is pressed without using any ink. So first Holly ran the blank paper through the press using just the plate with the snowflakes on it and no ink. This created this really beautiful tone-on-tone white pattern, which is perfect for snow! Then she ran the paper through again, this time with the plate that had the text (and anything else you see in red) on it with a custom shade of red ink mixed to match the red in the background of our family photo.

This photo was taken by Sarah Lehberger of Afterglow Photos (a professional wedding and portrait photographer in Connecticut). She came up in November to shoot a portrait session of Maura. We had so much fun! More on that at a later date.

For a bit of a nontraditional spin on a holiday palette, I sent our cards in a lovely grey envelope (Gravel from Paper Source), that coordinates nicely with the clothes we are wearing in the pic:)

I was so excited to send out these beautiful cards for our first Christmas together as a "family"! Thank you so much, Holly and Sarah!!

Ps. Check out the holiday cards Holly designed and printed for her and her husband to send out this year
here. Totally different style than the ones she made for me but just as cool!


  1. gorgeous! what a beautiful family!

  2. I think these are my favorite holidays cards of the year. Just perfect in every way - kudos!

    Custom Letterpress Addict

  3. I just love these. Please keep sharing these beautiful letterpress projects when you can- my heart skips a beat when I see them! =)

  4. You're such a beautiful family - I love the photo and the cards are gorgeous! What a special keepsake for friends and family. :)



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