Much Better


Sometimes little updates around the house make a big difference. And little stuff is a lot easier to get done than big stuff, so I feel somewhat accomplished at the end of the day:)

We've always had these two large 11 x 14 matted frames hanging in the hallway from our foyer back to our kitchen. Inside were two 11 x 14 photos from our trip to Ireland in 2007. Definitely cool, I loved Ireland and I like the graphic quality of these pics and the great memories they signify.

{sorry...took this pic late at night, but it makes my after look even better!}

But, its 4 years later and we're at a different point in our lives. We have a daughter! And we didn't have a lot of photos of her out and about. And this is prime wall real estate. So I ordered two of my favorite photos of her portrait session at 10 weeks (she's 29 weeks now) and swapped them out for the Ireland pics. Much more relevant to where we're at now.

Much better:)


  1. You guys are such a cute family! And oh my gosh what a darling little one you have, that photo of her made me smile from ear to ear!

  2. Gotta love the smile you get from looking at great family photos! Lovely shots and that little Maura is too precious!

  3. oh that last picture of Maura with her tongue sticking out is just TOO cute!!!

  4. Aw, lovely, timely updates! Very sweet.

  5. I still have yet to display photos of my Nora. She's nearly 8 months. Terrible! Your updates look beautiful!


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