7 Months!!


Maura had her 7 month birthday yesterday! It's been a big month, she is changing so much so fast now! I feel like she's a baby kid now as opposed to a baby. She's so squirmy, she just wants to be moving. (I think crawling could come any day now!) Life with this little one is good:)

Here's this month's bunny chair pics:

{this was the week we were in Texas so I took her photo the day after we returned...those are the soft soled cowboy boots we got her while there!}

Breastfeeding/Bottles/Solids: Over the course of the last month we've weaned a bit so that now Maura is mostly getting bottles (3x a day). I still nurse her first thing in the morning though and for the early evening feeding. We also switched from eating solids once a day to twice a day (once mid-morning and once around 4:30/5:30pm).

New Foods: pears, yogurt (banana, strawberry, peach), Gerber Graduates Puffs (apple cinnamon)...so far this girl is proving not to like anything green - we've tried peas, green beans and avocado with not much luck.

Bedtime: We've managed to move bedtime up a bit to 8:15/8:30pm. We are starting to establish a consistent bedtime routine - play quietly upstairs in her bedroom, read a book, get changed into pjs (we take a bath earlier in the day because she gets so messy eating her solids for "dinner"), bottle.

Sleep Habits: Maura sleeps through the nights about half the time now and wakes up once in the middle of the night the other half of the time. Now there's only a 50 percent chance that she'll fall back to sleep again after her first feeding in the morning, where before this was guaranteed. We've started some relaxed/not totally hard core sleep training...putting her in the crib at night even if she's not already asleep, though she still falls asleep at the end of her last bottle 90% of the time. I'm trying to night wean her so that if she does wake up in the middle of the night (its been around 3am lately), where I used to nurse her to get her to fall back to sleep, we're now letting her cry it out - with only partial successful results. I'm also trying to get her to nap in her crib...I use to have the terrible bad habit of letting her nap in my lap because it was the only way she would actually get any sleep during the day. So its kind of a lot of change for her (and me) all at once, but I think its probably the best thing to do for her and us in the long run. We're taking it one day at a time. She has also started to sit up in her crib, which has become a bit of a problem because its harder for her to self-soothe herself back to sleep when she's constantly moving and sitting up staring around at her room.

Developmental Milestones and Firsts: first St. Patrick's Day, first plane ride, first time traveling out of the state, first time on the swings, she learned how to go from laying down to sitting up on her own, she's started wearing shoes when we go out

Favorite Toys: the top to mommy's shaving gel, Haba Wonder Dice, Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Jar, Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Laughing Kitchen, Fisher Price Little Buttons Soft Activity Purse, Sassy Bucket of Beads.

Favorite Pastimes: still loving bath time and walking around with mommy in the Baby Bjourn doing chores, playing with the huge stack of this year's Christmas cards, knocking down the tall towers I build out of her Haba Wonder Dice, anything that involves sitting up, play dates with her new friend Jack

Least Favorite Pastimes: getting her diaper changed (until a few weeks ago this was her favorite thing to do, now she does not want to be laying down on her back), getting dressed


  1. Regan loves spinach, you should give it a try. We steam it, then just put it in the food processor and add water as needed. I thought it was strange that she liked it, but I'm glad Mandy tried it. (Regan was between 6 and 7 months when she had it)

  2. how cute! my littlest one is a squirmer and hates to have his diaper changed or be dressed or anything that involves him having to sit still! Good luck when she does begin crawling! You will never be able to sit down!


  3. Adorable! Love the last picture and the little shoes! Nora doesn't yet go from the lying down to sitting up position. But she does roll around a lot in her crib so guess that is probably just as much of a distraction! Love to see the toys Maura is into. Thanks for sharing!


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