14 Months!!


Thanks for such a great Mood Board Monday, everyone! (If you missed it, check out all the gorgeous rooms here.) I was so impressed by all your dining rooms, excited that we had a good mix of the different inspiration items, and basically floored by all your talent:) Maybe with all the holiday madness approaching we'll wait and do the next one sometime in early 2012? What do you think?

I wanted to do a quick check in about Maura. She turned 14 months on November 10th! I won't do one of these posts every month like I was doing during the first year, but I will try to do one every once and awhile, mostly just for me. I work better with a goal/deadlines, and I feel like these posts are a good way to chronicle this wonderful time in our lives. I love being able to look back at these and see what was going on with her each month. I feel like if I don't make myself write about it than I will forget everything!

I also decided to try and keep taking some pictures of her in her bunny chair, just at every month milestone now. So here's 13 months and 14 months:

We made the transition from formula to only whole milk smoothly. From bottle to sippy cup...not so much. After lots of experiments, we finally figured out that Maura likes the straw sippy cups better. That's cool...she's drinking milk from the cup in the morning when she wakes up (not as many ounces, but at least something) and sometimes in the afternoon with her snack. She is still having a bottle right before naptime and bedtime. Her bottle is like her pacifier and has been part of her falling asleep ritual for a long time now. I'm worried that when we try to give her a sippy cup of milk and put her to bed its going to go horribly wrong. So we haven't tried it yet! Does this make me a terrible mother?! Any tips or ideas if you've been through this before? Is it unheard of that my 14 month old still gets two bottles a day? Help!

In the sleep category we are down to one nap a day, right in the middle of the afternoon, usually starting around 1/1:30pm (which is the complete opposite of the schedule we used to keep - now we are out and about in the morning and home in the afternoon). She will usually nap for about 2 hours, sometimes more, hopefully not less:) She still goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up about 7-7:30am. She's a good sleeper.

Maura is getting her 8th tooth...the bottom lateral incisor on her right. She's learned how to run and walk backwards and stomp her feet and put her hands in the air for "hooray".

She finally, finally, finally loves books! Yay! I've been waiting for this for forever. I really want her to grow up to be a reader (like me). If not, that'll be ok too, but I hope so. Now she's so into them. She doesn't necessarily want to sit there and have me read them to her...she likes to flip through them herself, or she points to things and goes "uh, uh, uh" and I tell her what each object is, or we play the game where I ask "Where's the turtle?", "Where's the butterfly?", "Where's the beach ball?" and she points to that specific thing on the page. We play with books a lot:)

Maura's other favorite toys are mostly all new things she got for her birthday: her car, her little baby doll and little doll stroller, her plastic shopping cart and fake food, her ball-poppin' dinosaur, her Melissa and Doug jumbo knob puzzles.

We have been going to free story time at the library on Thursday mornings and attend Mommy and Me classes at My Gym on Friday mornings (both with our buddy Jack - who's 2 months older than Maura - and his mom, Meredith).

Her hair has taken off recently and is really starting to grow! We've started wearing hair bows, so at least people aren't calling her a boy nearly as often:)

We still managed to get in a lot of beach time in September and October! (We've had really warm fall weather up here in New England.)

Our other favorite pastimes include anything outside - hitting the playground, going for walks in the wagon and playing in our driveway and yard (she loves her soccer ball).

We took her to the zoo for the first time in October. She liked it, although at times it seemed like she was more obsessed with the zookeeper's 4wd vehicle than the animals. We had a great time!

{inside the deer park}

{inside the petting zoo}

We also visited a local pumpkin patch. (Again, she might have been more into the tractor that pulled our hay ride out to the patch as opposed to the pumpkins themselves, but...)

This was the first year Maura dressed up for Halloween (she was a cow!) and went trick-or-treating. She loved it! I took her around in her wagon while Paul stayed home and gave out candy. She got so excited during the rest of the night when any kids would come to the door.

One of the things I'm enjoying most about this stage is how much she is learning. Most days she blows my mind with the concepts she puts together, the things she remembers and the associations she makes. I might be biased, but she could be a genius;)

Ps. Its not all rainbows and sprinkles around here:) If you are still reading this (thank you - its a long post!), any suggestions for how to deal with the toddler attitude? She is quick to get very upset when she doesn't get her way. We were in Target and some other stores this morning running errands and she started screaming and crying because she wanted whatever we were looking at. I do not want to to be that mom with that kid. How do you keep them from getting spoiled?


  1. Sarah, she is just darling and quite the fashion plate! I think from everything you have shared, it sounds like you are a fabulous Mom. You keep your kids from getting spoiled by spoiling them with love and not stuff. She'll figure that out... Wish there had been blogs when my kids were little, I was not a great chronicler of those years, so this is great medium.

    Continue to enjoy being a Mom!


  2. Sarah, I wish we lived closer. Our girls could be buddies! I find so many similarities in your recap of Maura that we also have here with Sheila. They are both a ton of fun, love their books, amaze us with new things they are learning, and throw fits when they don't get their way. I'm right there with you, I'm not about to give her everything she wants so she throws fits sometimes. I actually got some good Christmas gift ideas from some of the things you mentioned that Maura has that we don't have yet (baby doll stroller, shopping cart/fake food - I like those ideas). We did cold turkey with the bottle and it was tough for maybe 2 or 3 nights but then Sheila just got used to it. You are not horrible at all - I know kids that had the bottle for a lot longer than 14 months. These are fun to read - have a great weekend with your little one!

  3. I giggled the whole way through this post because it sounded like you were describing Avery...she was taking a night time bottle until a few days ago actually (19 months) and she quit them herself cold Turkey...I say there is no right age or time it's about reading your baby and what works for you....keep the posts coming

  4. Maura is beyond adorable. Seing her pictures brought me back, big time! When my oldest, my daughter Neve (now 5 1/2) was Maura's age and younger, I often wondered aloud and to myself, "Am I ruining the baby?" I still feel this way sometimes. I thought about each transition and stage and hoped I was doing the right thing to create a happy, confident, polite and eventually independent little girl. The best advice someone gave me was to remind me that I've never seen an adult still drinking a bottle or eating baby food (my son hated real food ; ) Hang in there! We all go through it and it sounds like you are doing great. The fact that you're worrying about her being spoiled probably means, she's not. She is just adorable. Enjoy your sweet little girl and watching her become her own little person! She's just gorgeous. Love the shot with the soccer ball!

  5. What a sweet little lady! I love seeing all the photos, thanks for sharing!

  6. She is adorable! I miss those days - the 8th tooth, learning to love books (as mine do), pushing the toy stroller and doll and shopping cart around..these are all very precious milestones. It is great that you are documenting these and can share them with her some day when shet is older. My kids love their baby videos and cannot get enough of them although it makes me sad when I watch them because time has flown and they are 13 and 10 now.

  7. I loved this post. I miss that little nut!! she seems to have really changed in the last couple months! Can't wait to see you guys. Give her a kiss for me.


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