Real Room: Updated Traditional Living Room


Hi! Maura and I recently took a visit down to see my aunt Peg and I couldn't help but take some pics of her living room while we were there to share with you guys. If you remember, I posted two years ago about how we helped her move in to her new place and how I wanted to steal her secretary:)

Here's how the room looked that day when we left (we helped her unpack a bit, and rearrange the stuff she had just to make it liveable until she could really start working on the room).


Well, its come a long way since then. We'll call the pics I took the other day the afters for now, because I can't speak for exactly how complete this room actually is.

First thing you might notice is the new layout. Second thing you might notice is the new rug, new sofa, new window treatments, reupholstered chairs, stuff on the walls and accessories in general!!

My aunt kept some of her old furniture (like this secretary, she does have good taste! and the coffee table and that side table in between the two chairs) and took out/put up some of her personal items, artwork, family photos and things that make a house feel more like a home.

She updated the space with a new rug, a new sofa (its like a muted dusty sage..from Boston Interiors) and some other key furniture pieces. She had a lot of yellow already, like the throw pillows, so she added the yellow striped drapes and then mixed in the green for a new fresh palette.

{that's the Ballard Designs Olivia Mirrored Side Table in the mom (her and Peg are sisters) suggested she get it, and its really nice in person}

Peg wanted to keep her two side chairs but wasn't in love with their fabrics anymore, so she had them reupholstered, one in a lovely goldenrod with a crewel vine pattern (love that texture) and the second in a soft sage and cream thin stripe.

{Isn't that sideboard/chest beautiful?! It's also from Boston Interiors.}

So much better, right? I love taking a peak at real spaces. Even if they might not necessarily be your exact style, we can all respect a good looking room and maybe even learn a thing or two.

And to prove that traditional doesn't have to mean stuffy, plus to keep it really "real", here's Maura enjoying that new crewel:)

Have a great Thanksgiving!!


  1. This is a beautiful traditional room and I love the way she reinvented a lot of her pieces. Even if it's a real space, I could picture it in a magazine with a bit of professional styling :)

  2. What an elegant room; your aunt has beautiful taste. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. The first thing I noticed was the drapes. It is amazing what a difference it can make. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Yea for un-stuffy traditional! Your Aunt does, indeed, have beautiful taste and the room has a lighthearted, comfy feel. The yellow crewel fabric is stunning and little Miss Maura looks just perfect perched there!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Sarah!


  5. The secretary takes my breath away!
    Never think of Boston Interiors having traditional furnishings.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  6. What a beautiful room and full of light! I love that she recovered those chairs - they are so pretty. I've been obsessing over getting a secretary. I think it would be perfect for our dining room but I'm so paranoid about it tipping over (am I being paranoid or is that a real worry?). They are such great pieces of furniture but the ones I really like look so top heavy (similar to your aunt's). I'll just have to be patient. I love that you photograph real places Sarah. I hope to have some real photographs of our Christmas decor at some point - I just can't wait to decorate! I already swapped out the wreath on the front door but will wait until Friday for the rest. A very happy Thanksgiving to you and your family - very thankful I met such a nice blog friend like yourself.

  7. The chairs are what really caught my eye! Something about those nice clean lines and tidy details. And the lovely rug... plus the whole ambience of the room has changed! I love it!

  8. I love the looked like it had so much more potential in the first pic and then lo and behold! Great fabric choices and the curtains certainly warm up and soften the space while allowing the natural light to filter through. Great secretary and a nice mix of pieces.


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