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It's really way to early for me to posting about Christmas, but I'm trying not to procrastinate as much this year:) I've been on the hunt for a stocking for Maura. (I'm still using the same stocking I did as a kid, traditions like that are what make holidays so special, so I'd like this to be one of those heirloom pieces. Something that lasts a long time, that grows with her, that's she'll still be using year after year.) However, I'm not particularly 100% loving anything I have seen out there yet. Factors to consider are look, price, size and whether or not it can be personalized/monogrammed. Here are some contenders:

1. Garnet Hill Woolen Stocking
  • $78 with free monogramming (through November 22nd)
  • 5" x 26.5"
{Flaunting chunky wool fibers, merry colors and whimsical homespun embellishments, this year's charming collection of colorful hand-knit Christmas stockings was inspired by our vintage Nordic ski sweaters.}

2. Pottery Barn Kids Fairisle Stocking
  • $34 plus $7 for monogramming
  • 7" x 27"
{As cozy as a winter sweater, our Fair Isle Stockings add a warm touch to the mantel. The ample size won’t limit Santa’s generosity, and a personalized cuff gives family members their own special sense of anticipation.}

3. Pottery Barn Woodland Stocking (probably the reindeer)
  • $29 plus $7 for personalization
  • 8.5" x 20"
{Our holiday stockings capture the simple warmth of a country Christmas. They’re fashioned from natural linen and layered with different fabrics, including felt, cotton percale, tulle and microfleece.}

5. Upcycled (from wool sweaters) stocking from etsy seller MyOlyGirl (love this idea!)
  • great price of $17
  • but at only 5" x 9.5" I think it will eventually be too small
{"Using washed wool sweater scraps, I created this brightly colored striped holiday stocking."}

6. Personalized Christmas Stocking from etsy seller TerrapinKnits
  • $48 (includes monogramming)
  • anywhere from 17-22" x 6"
{"All the stockings are made by me with domestic wool spun in Maine."}

7. Walmart Needlepoint Stocking
  • $19 (includes personalization)
  • 19" long
{Deck the halls with this classic holiday stocking. A vintage design with exquisite detailing gives the personalized needlepoint Christmas stocking a homemade appeal. Cotton back and buff.}

8. L.L. Bean Heirloom Needlepoint Stocking (I'd get her the Snowman and Birds)
  • $24.95 (includes personalization)
  • 18" x 7.5"
{Handcrafted in your choice of six exclusive designs – all in durable wool yarns. Ready to be hung on the mantel and filled to the brim with holiday treats. Wool front, cotton velvet back, cotton lining make them "cozy to dig into."} far as looks go, my favorite is #1, the Garnet Hill Fair Isle, but I'm thinking $80 is a bit steep for a stocking. To be honest, I expected to find something perfect on etsy and it let me down a bit in the stocking category. (Unless I'm just not searching correctly.) Wendy of TerrapinKnits used to sell her stockings with Garnet Hill. She can't make really custom stockings in November or December because she's just too busy, but I could hold off for this Christmas and work with her sometime throughout the rest of the year to get colors and a design I would really love for Maura (for next year). I wouldn't usually be, but I am drawn to the needlepoint stockings because of stocking is just like these, with a Santa and his toy bag on it.

As far as stocking categories go, there's knit, quilted, felt, needlepoint...any I'm missing?

So, I'm looking for something with a reasonable price, of decent size (we like gifts!), and whose look is somewhat classic so that it will stand up to the test of time. (Having said that, I'm also totally cool with it not shouting "Christmas!!!!" I'm fine with just stripes, or a pattern, or a non-traditional color palette.) Do you guys have a favorite? Do you have a stocking you love - if so, where's it from? New moms out there, what are you doing for stockings? Has anyone found any great etsy sellers who do stockings? Any suggestions for where else to look? Please help!!!! Thanks:)


  1. They have a cute felt snowflake one at West Elm:

  2. I think I got ours last year at Marshall's. It's knit and really simple but I figured we could get it embroidered or decorated down the line. I love the fair aisle look too but I agree with you that the needlepont ones are very classic looking. My stocking growing up was just plan red and white, but it was the soft fluffy material and I LOVED it. I think we were probably so caught up in being new parents last year with our little newborns that Christmas just flew and this year (if you're like me which sounds like you are) we're trying to be on top of our game. I put away the Halloween stuff yesterday and got out a few Thanksgiving items but I'm ready to break-out the Christmas stuff after Thanksgiving. Keep us posted on what you decide for the stocking.

  3. We just got the PB fair isle stockings. I love them! I ordered the kids the bigger ones, and Jon and I the smaller striped ones. I find the quality great, and even though I love them so much, I still have a bit of sticker shock from buying them. I'm glad I splurged though- I wanted them last year and since I got a 10% moving coupon I went ahead and got them this year.

  4. Oh, Erica! That West Elm white on white snowflake stocking is beautiful! Thanks for the link!!

    Holly - so right about last year. I mean they were only like 3-4 months old, I didn't even really get Maura anything for Christmas except a special ornament with her name and birth date on it!!! They are going to have so much fun this year - although not sure what to do about the ornaments on the tree!!

    Awesome, Leslie!!! So glad you like the PB Fair Isle ones (and you deserve to have the stockings you love!!!)...that might be what I end up getting. You just made me remember that I think I have a gift card lying around, so I might not even have to pay anything. Sweet:)

  5. Traditions make the holidays so special. I got each of our kids the needlepoint stockings from LL Bean. The oldest is twenty four and the stockings look new and believe me they have been jam packed with presents- I think that most stockings would have just ripped apart!

  6. I found some cute personalized stockings on They're super cheap too (I mean inexpensive).

  7. Sarah, I love the nostalgia you associate with decorating. It is details like this that make a house feel like a home. You should spring for the one you like the most, $80 is a small investment to make in what will surely become an heirloom :)

  8. I got my son a Garnet Hill stocking at HomeGoods last year and just some some more there today! I don't think they're the same design you showed, but more of a fair isle look.

  9. Sarah, I don't know if you made any decisions on this yet but Bossy Color Blog just had a post that made me think of you and your stocking hunt - check out this great Etsy seller (I didn't check price though but thought they were cute):


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