A New Look


So excited!! Things are finally looking a lot better around this here blog!! I'd been wanting to do something to update the look for a long time (like spend more than 15 minutes making my own header - that was supposed to be just temporary, uploading it and then walking away for 3 years...which is what I did the day I signed up on blogger in 2009!) Thanks to Sarah of Cozy.Cottage.Cute (you guys have met her brand new son and seen his spectacular nursery, right?) I came upon the perfect solution...purchasing a template from the Blog Milk shop (Ana was wonderful to work with)!!

I'm still messing around with things a bit, figuring out the best location for everything, etc. so bare with me (and I think there might be a couple of glitches I have to work out). And ok, I spent like a half hour (that's twice as long as 15 minutes!) on this header the other night because I needed something for up there so that I could get this rolled out, but I'll probably work more on that sometime soon. And I want to add some pages to the top, like About and Our House, etc. All in good time. Oh boy...and I need to find a half decent photo of myself for my profile...I had to steal this one from Facebook (and its not even that good) because I couldn't find one where my eyes are open or I didn't have my pajamas on.

But, it's already like a million times better, no?! Seriously, what do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions, feedback, etc. Do you think it all fits me? Thank you for hanging in with me all this time even though my blog looked so ghetto:)

PS. Stay tuned...I'll post the announcement for the next Mood Board Monday soon:)


  1. It looks beautiful! I love the sprig of green! My only feedback is that the pale green is a little difficult to read on my computer screen.

  2. oooo love the header! I agree, pale green is hard to read on a computer screen. Everything else is great!

  3. Thanks, guys! Ok, I just went in there and made the green a bit darker...I'm trying to find a balance between a light and fresh green and legibility! Is this any better?

    PS. gotta run to a play date so won't be back on until this afternoon!!

  4. Oooooooeeeeeeh (that was a squeal). It's looking sooooo good!!!

    I love it, really I do.

    I had the same issue about trying to use light green but ended up having to go darker.

    Also, Alex had to help me out with a few glitches, too. Like when I made the font bigger, the blog titles in my blogroll were kind of cut off. I still have some tweaking to do, too.... all in good time.

    I'm so proud of us for our blogs looking all fancy now.

    Hee hee!

    P.S. When you're done designing your header can you do mine? 15 minutes? You're good. Mine took me about four hours and it's still so amateur looking!

  5. Love the change!


  6. LOVE your new look! Love the colors, love the simple layout, love the new headers ... all of it is just amazing! Good job :)

  7. Sarah this is fresh and fabulous!!! Love your header with the sage leaves and I think your photo is beautiful!

  8. Love the New Look and the New Rug!!

  9. I love it! And your photo is gorgeous! I need to do something like this. I'll have to check out the templates.


  10. What a great refresher - I love it! And I'm so glad you got a photo of yourself up too. I've always had a hard time getting a good photo of myself too - it's on my to-do list to get a photo in some good lighting when I'm all dolled up. I think the font and the tagline is right on for you. And thanks so much for the sweet category you included me too :) Can't wait to hear about the next MBM!

  11. Thanks so much, everyone!!! I was really hoping you would all like it:)

    Megan, check blog milk out. The price is reasonable for all the time it would have taken me to try and figure this out myself. The installation is really easy...it took like 2 minutes...then you just kinda mess around with your layout of widgets and colors and things to get it exactly how you want it. Plus Ana is super nice and responsive:)

    Holly - thanks! The photo thing is so hard!! And you've always been in the good friends/reads category, I'm sorry you didn't see it before. Speaking of that, maybe I'll move you guys above baby and wedding in the layout:)

  12. Looks awesome! I am in desperate need of an update too. Yay you for doing it!

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  14. Love your new look, Sarah! I've been wanting to freshen up my blog for a while now too--this is inspiring!


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