Family Room Update: Area Rug


Thanks for all your help back in February helping me decide on a rug for our family room! If you remember, I decided to go with the Hand-hooked Chelsea Kina Teal Blue Rug from Overstock. Finally moved the furniture, got it in place and took some pics. We are totally loving having a much larger rug in this space. Better for lounging in front of the tv, sitting on the floor playing...and we were all right, the pattern does hide crumbs...there I go thinking its all clean and then step on a bunch of mushed up pretzel crumbs that Maura must have dropped from her snack, didn't even know they were there:)

To refresh, here's some before pics with the old, way too small striped rug:

And here we are with the new, larger rug (I have such a hard time getting good pics of this room, especially with all the subtle color in this really got all blown out...urghhh!):

{thoughts on what kind of throw pillows would be better here?}
The only thing is that I wish it were slightly larger (it still leaves a lot of exposed floor right where Maura used to play on the mat). I originally measured for an 8' x 10' which I thought would be perfect, but this Overstock rug just happened to be 7' 9" x 9' 9". I figured 3 inches less on each size wouldn't be a big deal, but maybe I was wrong...or maybe I just measured wrong:( Either way, we're keeping it! On normal days now, it looks like this (and I wouldn't change it for a thing!):

{gotta find some better looking storage bins/boxes/baskets to keep here by the couch for the loose toys}

{I swear, she's usually playing on the new rug...except for this day when I tried to take the pics!!}


  1. Looks great, totally fits the room. And I really like your couches/couch colors!

  2. I love it, but I don't think the white table goes well with it very well. Just a thought.

  3. That looks like a comfy room! I love your blog. Inspiring, but down to earth ideas that I may actually be able to duplicate. Are your couches slipcovered? I'm dealing with a terrific couch that has held up for years with awful stains. I was going to get it professionally recovered, but the cost is prohibitive. Just looking for options. :)

  4. It looks great Sarah and really warms up that room well. I see some toys that look familiar to me - we've got a few of those. And I thought a little bit about pillows for that couch you asked do you feel about a ikat type print? I think bringing out that reddish color in the rug would be nice (is it red? it reads red on my screen but it's hard to tell) - and maybe an ikat print or flame stitch or something.

  5. Thanks, Megan! you think its because the rest of the furniture in here is black or you just don't like that particular white table?

    Thank you so much, Lisa!! How sweet, I really appreciate it! No, the couches here are not slipcovered...that grey one is really old and worn in so it probably looks like it;) It has worn well though, the fabric is great, you can wipe stains right off. The loveseat is the same profile as the sofa, just in a different fabric (its got a bit of a weave texture to it which is probably not the best idea with kids...stuff can get caught in the fabric, but we're mostly on the grey couch). As for your couch..what about having it professionally cleaned? Slipcovers might be your best option...they are alot better nowadays, aren't they? (tighter, not so obvious?) Good luck, sorry I'm not more help!

  6. Love the new rug Sarah - it's perfect! And thank you for the lovely comments about my Design Kit, they can be a lot of work but I do love my job :) xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  7. Sarah the rug is beautiful in that room, love the colors and pattern! As far as the size, I think it works, but I might tweak the placement, pulling it tight to the two sofas and farther from the entertainment cabinet. Maybe try putting the front legs of both sofas on the rug... Also love your ferns, maybe picking out that green from the rug and adding throw pillows in a graphic pattern (even the Ikat Holly suggested) would help tie it all together.

  8. love it! so glad you decided with that one!


  9. Love the rug! I really like the colors of that room, too.

    Just found your blog and love it! I'm your newest follower. Keep up the good work!

  10. Thanks, Anna and Megan and Liz!

    Cathy - thanks! Yeah, I was telling Holly that the warm tones in the rug are more of a burnt orange, copper color and that I was trying to get rid of the reds in the rest of the house! But it could be pretty in the fall or during the holidays. I like the ikat idea though. And those ferns are one of my favorite things in the room, so maybe you are right, a nice pop of additional green would be good!! I know, I struggled with where to put the rug too, but then I went more with function than form - Maura hangs out a lot in that area right in front of the entertainment center and I wanted her to have as much rug surface area there as possible. Since it was smaller than I thought, I figured it wouldn't make sense to waste part of the rug under the sofas. WDYT? Does it look stupid this way?

  11. The rug looks wonderful, Sarah! Was that February that you asked for help, lol? Time is flying and a blur!

    Good choice!

  12. Yup, the size and style are all just right. Great job!

  13. The house is wonderful! You did such a good job! I just love area rugs and I really think you did a good job here with this! :)

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  15. 4 years later, I find this post as I just ordered this rug today! Thank you for posting. Your pics make me feel like this is the right choice for us and now I'm really excited for it to ship. It's going into a home office/study with a dark leather loveseat, dark wood floors, and light green drapes. Now I just have to figure out a color for a desk chair!


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