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Hi! How is everyone? Posts are going to be a bit scarce around here for the next week or so...major project at work going down that is going to require long nights and weekend hours:( Waaaaaaahhhhhhh.

For now, I wanted to share a major source of nursery inspiration with you. First though, have you all heard of the (waving to all the nesties I know/hope that are here, you guys just ignore this brief bit of background info.) If you haven't, you must go there immediately and sign up with a screen name, then go chat on the community boards where you will find a ton of other great real people interested in decorating, cooking, crafts, pets, books, you name it. (I'm nestie "mrspaz", nice to meet ya!)

Anyhoo, nestie "tobewheeler" put together this awesome site, the Baby Room Bio, with a ton of nursery inspiration photos divided up by category (click on any of the subtitles at the top). I found these pics in about 5 minutes of looking through just a few of the categories. Something or other in each of these rooms speaks to me. Now I have to go back and look through the rest:)


  1. Love that site! And the first picture, with the airplane...precious.

    old-school nestie Makena

  2. Oh, too bad my "babies" are 15 and 20. My favorite pic is the room with the yellow chair and the aqua/green walls. So yummy!

  3. I could look at that bio all day. She did an amazing job putting it together. I love the ones with the vintage-vibe. :)

    Roeshel aka Dangeruss&Mittens :P

  4. Hey girl! Good luck with the work projects! Love those photos- she did a knock out job with the bio! -nestie court07h :)

  5. Ooooooooooh! I love them all! Yay babies! =)

  6. Oh goodness I was officially OBSESSED with this site for quite some time before I found blogging (both are just so addictive!). I first started out on The Knot during my wedding planning days, and then moved to The Nest after we bought our first house, and then to The Bump when I got pregnant! Isn't it so fun?! Love all the photos of rooms you posted....gosh I am just dying to get my little boy's room set up. Thanks for the inspiring ideas!

  7. OMG, why haven't I seen this bio? I need to start nesting a little more again!!! LOL!



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