Cool or Crazy?


I had a thought last night while I was taking the train home from work flipping through the Wisteria catalog that had just come. I was doing my usual rip out the pages to save things I like, and I found myself digging this Moorish Chest (though its slightly out of my normal comfort zone). Handmade, each one is unique, adorned with hand-cut, inlaid camel bone...and for a whopping $2, wonder I like it - I have good taste:)

Now, here's the potentially crazy part...what if you/I took a piece of black furniture (something with similar lines) and hand-painted a detailed pattern on it in white/ivory or even metallic champagne paint? (And yes, I realize this would take Do you think we could achieve the same look (without the obvious ooh-la-la of the beautiful reflective camel bone once you are up close)? Could this be cool? Or would it look cheap? Has someone actually done this already and pulled it off?


  1. I love that piece too. I have not seen it done online, but I have seen something similar in a gallery near my house. I just looked it up online and of course there are no pictures, sorry.

    With a steady hand and a good amount of time, I think that it is totally doable. It is a pretty busy piece, so one of the things that attracts me to doing it on my own is making it a bit less busy. I will be interested to see what others say now that I have written a book!

  2. Wow. You are a mind reader, woman! I was thinking the exact.same.thing. just this morning! Love the idea. You should try it first :) I kid, I kid.

  3. crazy. I'd like a vintage dress painted white and distressed instead.

  4. I. Love it. But if I pointed it out in a catalogue to Scott, he's look at me desperately and beg me to tell him that I was joking. Seriously. He's done it with a few other things that I like. Example: He hates tassles. I think they're quaint hanging from a lamp or on the edges of curtains. He says that we can have tassels in our home when A) we are a monarch living in a castle with tapestries to match. Or 2) We are gypsies. So I'm guessing this piece would be a "no". ;)

    But I enjoy it immensely. =)

  5. Gwen - Thanks! This gallery you speak of is giving me hope!! Glad you think I'm not insane:)

    Bryn - Hi! Great minds think alike. I'm just glad I posted before;)

    Cindy - Your response made me laugh. At least you know your mind, girl! I would also like a vintage dresser painted white too.

    Tina - You never cease to make me laugh. After your "we are giant nerds" post today, I would think that tassles would fit right in at your house, I mean castle.

  6. so i totally love this and would try it! except for that i suck at stenciling and I doubt I could free-hand it without it looking like a preschooler did it! but it's gorgeous!

  7. That is gorgeous! I'm fairly certain that we could never attempt it at our house. Hubby just spray painted a lamp and, well, it didn't turn out very well.

    Have a fun weekend!



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