lake + leaf + hydrangea


Which do you prefer - warm or cool colors? I've been on a cool kick lately (although I have been known to change my mind a lot). That's why I'm loving this color combination of blues and green, especially since its summer. Any way you combine these analogous colors, you can't go wrong.

Case in point....a few years ago I worked with Katie and Tim on their wedding invitations. Both their ceremony and reception were going to be at venues either right on or near the water just south of Boston. They really wanted to embrace the coastal vibe, without going overboard on sea shells and starfish. Katie's bridesmaid dresses were two-tones of blue, so this was a good place to start with our palette. To add a little depth and interest, we paired the dark blue and light blue (reminiscent of the hydrangeas that would be part of the bouquets and centerpieces) with a leaf green. A belly band featuring a nautical scene (Dover Clip Art again) holds all the components together. A cute little silhouette sailboat (drawn by moi) and some preppy blue and green stripes on the inside pieces say "summer evening wedding by the water" without being too cliche. And a detailed custom map made sure everyone could find their way to this festive celebration.


No way do blue and greens have to be saved for only things coastal. Here's some lovely interiors using some version of this color combo:

{Yay me! I actually named these 2 images so I would know where they were from. Thanks to the Newlywed Diaries, this gorgeous room by Nicholas Haslam.}

PS. On a side note, I took these really amateur product shots on patterned paper this time as opposed to solid. Hmmm, I'm not sure I like it. Too distracting? What do you think?


  1. Those are gorgeous, Sarah. I wish I had known you when we were shopping for wedding invitations! =)

  2. I LOVE blues and greens. I'm still dreaming of doing a turquoise room sometime!

  3. the invites are lovely, and b/c they are plain mostly, I think they look perfect on the patterned paper.

  4. I think the patterned paper makes them pop. It also suggests some other ways to use the colors/patterns for favors and such at the wedding.

    The older I get, the more I am drawn to warm colors. It might also be that we live near the beach and everyone does the beachy coastal look to death.


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