Meet my Mantel


Friends, readers, random lurkers....I'd like you to meet my fireplace and mantel! This little spot in the living room is one of my favorites in our house. I love to change up the decor on the mantle a lot, usually based on the seasons. This trusty silver mirror (from Bed Bath and Beyond) stays leaning against the wall in the center, and then I just use random found objects, frames, flowers, etc. on either side depending on what mood I'm in, what accent colors I want to use, etc. Thought I'd show you guys some of my mantel's looks through the years (excuse the random wall colors, this room has been 3 different paint colors since we moved in!).

**** spring or summer - look A ****

**** spring or summer - look B ****

**** fall and Thanksgiving ****

**** Christmas ****

**** winter (after the holidays) - look A ****

**** winter (after the holidays) - look B ****


  1. I LOVE your fireplace mantel. It always looks so pretty and shows off your creative talent. It's so inspirational. I'm glad you posted them all in one place ... once my living room is painted (coming soon) - I'll be looking for some ideas. :)
    Hope all is well!

  2. WOW So many different looks! Love them all. So which color is the wall now? :)

  3. Of course you know that I love your mantle decorating skills! I still need to complete mine and I think this gave me an extra kick. Great job!

  4. God, what I wouldn't do for a mantle. For our own home, for gosh sakes. =) Someday! These are just gorgeous. I LOVE them all! I especially love the Christmastime winter ones. I love that you didn't go with the obvious (and kinda tacky) red and green. Silvers and golds and damask prints! My favorite things! =)

  5. Hi, guys! Thanks again for putting a smile on my face:)

    Roeshel - Can't wait to see some of the changes taking place in the living room!! You can put that off for awhile though, you deserve a break after your amazing baby BBQ!!!

    Hey, VW!! How've you been? Oh yeah, forgot that part...the current color is Smokey Taupe by Benjamin Moore, the kind of light subtle gray/biege. I love it! When we first moved in the walls were yellow, then I painted them BM Danville Tan but it was a bit dark so I repainted a week later:)

    Leslie - thanks! I've been waiting for a post by you about your new "mantel"! Can't wait to see, its going to be gorgeous:)

    Hi, Tina! Oh, you don't have a mantel, that's so sad. What about a big/long ledge shelf? Lol at red and green! Nah, I love me some metallics at the holidays:)

  6. Sarah, you know I love your mantel!! It's such an inspiration, and one of the reasons I WILL have a mantel in our next home.. even if I have to create it myself! :)

  7. LOVE them all, but especially Winter after the holidays look B

  8. So pretty -- I love it! You have quite the touch!


  9. Wow! I love the variations! So beautiful... thanks for sharing!!

  10. FUN!!! I love them all. Now you are making me wish I had a mantle... :(

  11. Love your mantles! I'm totally writing a post on inspirational mantle ideas. Mind if I include some of yours?

  12. A late comment but thanks for the mantel inspiration. I need to revamp my mantel and love looking at yours as an example. I mentioned you and your versatile mantels on my blog. :)


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