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I was at Paper Source (one of my favorite stores) on Boylston Street the other night and noticed that they have their 2010 Cavallini Wall Calendars out now. The new year is way too far away to be worrying about, but I was excited to see these because of the beautiful images that represent each month. The calendars are 13" x 19" and are printed on really high quality, slightly textured paper...and they are perfect for cutting up and using as wall art:)

Each calendar is $21.95 on the PS website. That means you could potentially have 12 usable images, each one less than $2.00!! The other cool thing is that each calendar has a "theme", so these are perfect for creating a large impact grouping of related prints.

Here are the calendars Paper Source is offering right now:

The Cavallini website also has some additional calendars, like "Birds and Nests", "Vintage Travel", "New York" and "Russia Icons".

Last year I purchased the Bird Cavallini Calendar and have so far used 3 of the months' images as wall art in our home. I still have 9 left to put somewhere:)

{framed this guy and stuck him on our mantle...he's since moved around here for his journey}

{mounted these love birds on green Canson paper and then adhered them to foam core for stability...they are chilling out on the ledge shelves in our kitchen}

{added some hand-made paper behind this print of bird eggs, framed it and hung it in the downstairs bathroom}

Anyone else used calendar images on the walls? What else do you guys like to use for wall art?


  1. Thanks for commenting on House of Turquoise! I just have a keen eye for spotting anything in turquoise! ;)

    I always end up saving calendars to use the images somewhere/some place, but never have! You have totally inspired me!

  2. I too love Cavalini, still looking for the lovely erasers! great use of the calender. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting x

  3. BEautiful! What a great idea!


  4. I LOOOOOVE paper-source. Totally my favorite store. And lets see...I used to use the produce prints on the back of Cooks Illustrated mag. I love those

  5. This is such a fabulous idea! I've been searching for the right prints for our living room makeover, and this idea will help me a lot, I'm sure! You're the best!

  6. Awesome, awesome! Just the few images I can see here in this post are GORGEOUS. Heading to the site for further inspiration. You rock, as always. And thanks so much for your comment about my baby news! =) I couldn't wait to tell you!!!

  7. I've been doing the same thing! :) I framed wrapping paper maps from there! :) I love the bird eggs!


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