A Sketch


Well, I'm still working on taking photos of the things I bought at Brimfield..today is raining and dark, not good for pics...and tomorrow I'm not going to be around during the day. (Sorry to keep you waiting, hopefully I'm not creating too much of an expectation!!)

So, in the meantime, thought I'd share this sketch I did that I'm using in one of the current custom invitations I'm working on. The bride and groom really love their venue -this place
The Hotel Northampton in Northampton, Ma - so we're going to feature it as the main graphic of the set.

{bad Google image}

{my version}

Hope everyone is having a good day/week:)


  1. Sarah, that is a great sketch! One of my former roommates had her reception at the Northampton Hotel, and we actually looked into hosting our own wedding reception there. It's a beautiful location!

  2. oh my goodness, that is gorgeous! What a talented artist you are!

  3. Great scetch! You are amazing...Great hotel! I have been there. My grandparents were from Kensington NH, right near there.....

    Great blog!

  4. Jeez, girl, didn't know you were such an artist! That's gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful, Sarah! Your drawing is so charming. Please show off the finished invitation when you're done!

  6. I LOVE your sketch!!! It's just perfect!

  7. Thanks, guys!!!

    Jill and prairiejewel - awesome to know you have been there and liked it as a venue. My bride will love to hear that:)

    Court - ha! Thanks! I went to art school at Syracuse, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration..so my background is mostly in drawing and painting. But both jobs since school have involved much more of the computer - product design and graphic design/animation. Then only since bought our house have I been into "interior design". (Hope your classes are going well!)

    Averill - hey! I will definitely post when we are done, thanks!

  8. Love this sketch! You are so talented. Glad I found your blog :)


  9. You are good!! And this event looks simply amazing...


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