A Walk Through Brimfield


Hey! How was everyone's weekend?

So, fortunately, I did make it to the Brimfield Antique Show on Friday! The weather forecast was not great...when I woke up it was cloudy and cold and sprinkly. But I decided to go anyways, and am so glad I did...by lunchtime the skies were clear and it was so hot that I started shedding layers and wished I had worn capri pants instead of jeans:) I had a great time meandering around, checking out about half of the booths (I think you really need two days to see the show), eating fair food and buying some stuff (that'll be another post).

Here's some pics I shot while walking around, although half the time I was having too much fun and would forget to take photos! They have everything there:

{tons of architectural salvage}

{the above booth had tons of neat stuff....old door knobs, hinges, doorbell parts, antique keys, lamp shades, spools, manequin hands...}

{Iron Pointy Things...$3}

{I really liked these, they would make good found object additions to a mantel display or a bookcase, etc...they must have come from an old wrought iron gate, but they were more than $3.00}

{I liked these old house numbers..they reminded me of Peanut Petunia and all the cool old signs, numbers, etc she has in her gallery walls}

{sports paraphernalia}

{old musical instruments}

{HUGE found wine bottles}

{lots of fabric..especially burlap and grain sacks and all that stuff}

{tons of beads and ribbon and jewelry}

{this booth looked like the inside of Holly from Life in the Fun Lane's garage!!!}

{I would love to get my hands on an old apothecary chest or a cool library card catalog thing like this}

{chandeliers and lanterns and all kinds of lighting}

I'll do a post soon about what I came home with. I did actually buy something from one of the above places/in one of the above pics...can anyone guess what it is?


  1. I would simply lose my mind...can't wait to see what you got!

  2. Thank you for taking me on a virtual shopping trip, I just bought soooo many things. Would love to go to Brimfield someday, Kathysue

  3. How fun! Still haven't been myself but it's on my "must see" list. Can't wait to see what you found!

  4. Wow! I wish I had known about this sooner, I probably would have driven down from NH. I love the old keys, the white furniture...everything! Can't wait to see what you picked up!

  5. great photos of Brimfield! love your blog!


  6. I've been trying to find numbers 0-9 to do a numbers wall for my kids. Those vintage numbers look great!!

  7. Hi Sarah :)

    What a dream! I love all of it, but it's a good thing I wasn't there or I would be BROKE LOL


  8. Oooh I can't wait to hear about YOUR scores. And you're right -- they do have everything! The pile of trumpets and trombones really made me laugh actually. I suppose they'd make a very cool installation in a music room?

  9. Oh no, sorry, Riverside....I feel bad you didn't know about the show earlier! Next year:)

    Julie...I totally wanted to get one or more of those numbers, but I had to stop myself at some point:) Love the idea of all the numbers for a kids room!!!

  10. Whoa. Now I could lose myself in all that! Thanks for sharing.

  11. You are so lucky, Sarah!! I sooooo wish that we had something like that around here. Maybe we actually do and I just hadn't heard of it yet. At any rate, how does one go about finding out about shows like this - other than reading ads or having some connections?

    I can't wait to see what you picked up!


  12. We do NOT have these Flea Markets in Arkansas. Oh my, I would be in heaven there!

  13. Brimfield's such a hoot. And it looks like some things don't change all that much in terms of what they sell -- which I think is great. I recognize some of that fabric from when I went. Great post -- thanks.

  14. I love the architectural salvage stuff, actually I am drooling over everything! How do you find out about these kinds of sales, I have never been to one, but I want, no NEED to go to one!

  15. new here...can't wait to browze around!

  16. You don't know it yet but I think you are my BBF (Best Blog Friend) - I think we are living parallel lives right down to lusting after the large bottles (mine was cadged for free out of the neighbor's trash and yes, I gloat :) and the wooden type letters.

    Beautiful blog and great eye you have! I look forward to following you for more!


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