Wanna Be My Neighbor?


All you have to do is the win the HGTV 2010 Green Home!!!! Then you'll be just like 12 minutes down the highway from me in the next town over! Awesome, huh?!

This year's Green Home is in Plymouth, Ma in The Pinehills, a planned community of over 3,000 acres and almost that many homes, where 2/3 of the land is preserved as open space and left to the native forest and tall trees which gave this place its name. There's 2 championship golf courses, a Village Green with shops, restaurants, a post office, market and liquor store (that my brother-in-law owns!), and 7 miles of walking trails.

In addition, the house is like 5 minutes from the bridge over to Cape Cod, 45 minutes south of Boston, and the same distance east of Providence, Rhode Island. A great location!!! Oh yeah, that's why I live there too:)

Did anyone see the special on the house on HGTV a couple of weeks ago? (You know, it was all about the building process with tour of the finished house.) Paul and I loved watching it because besides the house being beautiful, we got to see our local area on TV! Of course, no one warned me that Sabrina Soto and Jamie Durie were going to be walking around downtown Plymouth or Boston (where I work)...I can't believe I missed them - I totally would have stalked them and tried to get an autograph!!!!

{lol...here's Sabrina doing a shoot at one of our local cranberry bogs! They are everywhere around here, really pretty.}

Here's a link to an HGTV video where they announce the site and explain a bit about why New England rocks!!

Click here for a tour of the house. In the bottom right, you'll see an interactive floor plan of the house. Click on each of the rooms and you'll see its photos.

Enter here for a chance to win/live near me!! You can enter once daily up until June 4th. Good luck:)

Here's some pics of the house:

{the covered porch}

{the outdoor kitchen...those barn-like doors slide closed to hide the grill}

{the kitchen}

{the living room}

{the dining room...cool table top, huh?!}

{the laundry room...those baskets are the recycling center}

{the master bedroom}

{the master bath}

{the sitting room on the second floor}

{the kids bedroom}

{the kids bathroom}

{the tower room on the third floor}


  1. Sarah! That is SO AWESOME! The HGTV house is amazing, I just love the architecture, that gorgeous porch, the color scheme, all so beautiful. Hope you are feeling well, I've been thinking of you!! xox

  2. Wow -- beautiful house! Hope I win!! :)


  3. ...And you get to see this jewel any time you want? I love it! I will look back at this home one million and 10 times because there are so many neat ideas to steal! :)

  4. I never entered the HGTV Green Home contest because the tax penalty always scared me. However, if I were able to move home and live in such a place, I'd figure it all out!

    I lived in Newton and Brookline for a good number of years before moving to Virginia and I miss Boston so much. I would love to come home...and maybe even be your neighbor!

    Good luck to us all!

  5. I will come be your neighbor Paz!!! I just love Sabrina, she is my fav HGTV host.

  6. How fun that the new HGTV Green Home is near you Sarah -- and it's really one of my favorites yet! Love the wraparound front porch, the master bedroom/bathroom, the laundry room, that amazing stairwell...just about everything but the countertops in the kitchen. I totally get the whole red theme running through the house and I like it, but a countertop is a wee bit permanent...and I think it kinda looks cheap. Would've preferred a charcoal or black granite.

  7. ahhhh....if only dreams came true. I love this house!

  8. that house is crazy amazing - each photo is just more and more droolworthy. what an amazing post!

  9. some of the decor is a little much for me (or maybe I'm plain!), but I LOVE the house! my fave green home yet.

  10. Holy crap I've never been so in love with a house! That is amazing!!


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